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Jimmy Freeland  Jesus, family, friends, outdoors. In that order. Volunteer firefighter/EMT,ship builder, and woodsman. I'm happiest on a canoe, far from civilization.

Just got my Genesis back from @ltwrightknives What do you think Larry? @back2basics64 As with everything that comes from LTWK, I'd say it's a work of art. #ltwrightknives #ltwrightgenesis #ltwk

I had the opportunity to meet Alone season 2 runner up Larry Roberts at the Blade Show as well. Not only is he a very gifted bushcrafter, but a really cool guy as well. You should check him out on all of his social media. @back2basics64 #ltwrightknives

Got to meet this awesome guy today at Blade Show 2017. LT Wright makes the finest bushcraft knives around in my opinion. He humbly obliged when I asked to take a picture with him. He treated me as though I was the only customer he'd ever had. Proud to own some of his blades. This was my first Blade Show, and because of this man's attitude towards me, a simple admirer, will be always be my favorite. Thanks @ltwrightknives I'll never forget this day.

My wife got me some new wheels. Need some adjustments, but they work pretty well. #needabec9

Praying for my daughter and soon to be husband minutes before I walked her down the aisle yesterday. Hardest day of my life...

Just got promoted to Safety Manager at the shipyard I work at. God is good! #shipyard #hugepromotion #God is good

Tomorrow's another day, and I start it with this. Lol. A saddle that broke loose and hit me on the hand. #shipbuilding #shipfitter #shipyard #danger

Just one more reason I use Leatherman tools. Yeah, that is a battery cable I cut with my Surge. #leatherman #useyourtools #surge #multitools

Just laying around in the double bottom of a tanker barge. #worklife #shipbuilding #workhard #inthewater

After a horrible day at work, I came home to this beauty in the mail. #sak #gooutside #swissarmyknives #alox #likearazor #flawless

Found this little guy on our morning hike. Yep, you guessed it, dusky pygmy rattlesnake. #gooutside #rattlesnake #venomoussnakesofflorida

My niece and I started pulling out our edc's in the middle of our hike and stabbing them into this bench. She's only 15! #prouduncle #ltwright #ltwrightknives #leatherman #multitools #kershaw #kershawknives

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