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Jfle❌  Shunned by Instagram for no reason. Still waiting to hear back. In the meantime here I am @jflex @unitedbyedit #unitedbyedit

My original @jflex and @unitedbyedit accounts are back up!!! Woohooo!!! Thank you everyone who stuck with me and voiced your opinions, it worked! @instagram heard us!!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of the support from everybody over these past few days. @jflex and @unitedbyedit feeds may never come back. I tried my hardest to get @instagram attention, but it seems they have turned a blind eye on the actual problems with their app. Ultimately it will be their demise, not mine. I need to take a bit of a break, a couple of days maybe. This whole situation is affecting me a bit too much. I need to realize what is important again. Thanks again for the love, the enormous amount of support, and all of your awesome comments. IG replaced Facebook for me, and I have made some great friends. I'll be back, but for now I just wanted to say THANK YOU💢👊💢

I guess this would not be considered a repost if it no longer exists. #unitedbyedit

The open road. #unitedbyedit

Rise and Shine! It's a new day with new opportunities. Hope everyone makes the most of it💢👊💢

Looks like someone got a hold of the tessaract again. Where's the Avengers when you need them? Lol thanks for listening to my rants. Sorry I've been a Debbie Downer over this wackness. I'll get over it. Night IG! #unitedbyedit

I hate having to start over after two years on @instagram ... Not to sound like a broken record, but IG really has me down. What once was a fantastic thing, constantly tries to make me want to hate it. I just want my old feed back

Good morning IG! Still not sure if I am going to get my original @jflex account back. @instagram is kind of leaving a sour taste in my mouth over this whole deal.... Here's a repost of one of my faves from this summer's trip to Cuidad, Juarez ... #unitedbyedit #casasporcristo

New prize challenge announced on @unitedbyedit2 formerly #unitedbyedit .. Please help spread the word!

Hey everyone. Thanks for checking in on me! Both @unitedbyedit and @jflex accounts have been disabled... HERES WHAT HAPPENED: (take note so it does not happen to you!)... Last night I jumped on unitedbyedit's feed and was trying to post our next Prize Challenge slide. I typed in the sponsors web URL in the caption of my post. Instagram's servers detected this url as SPAM, and I was thrown off immediately. I emailed them, and the feed was turned on again about 2 hours later. I again, tried to post the same slide and caption, with the same results. BOOTED. Having not known the problem at the time, and getting absolutely no explanation from Team Instagram, I really did not know what was happening. I tried the same thing on my persoal account, @jflex , and now that account is disabled. It was only through trial and error, and consultation from @justin_deavers , that we figured out the problem. It was the web URL. So now it is the weekend, and after sending 4 emails to Instagram, I am sure I will not hear back until Monday, if at all. So let this be a lesson to everyone, DO NOT EVER POST A WEB URL IN YOUR CAPTION! Instagram detects this as Spam and will boot you off immediately. I only hope they figure out this flaw, or at the very least let us users know more of the rules that are taking place on this app. I had no clue, as I am sure most of you did not know that. I was just trying to give away some free prizes, and mentioned the sponsors website, not sure how that constitutes as spam. I do hope they rectify this and fix the problem. Until then, just call me jflexington!

A collab with @justin_deavers

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