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Jeff Fierberg  Photographer, Filmmaker | Managing partner, @sora.digital | Partner, @cake_agency | Arc'teryx team member | 2018 Brand Ambassador for @seatosummitgear

Hong Kong I miss you. I miss how crazy your rush hours are and also how your rush hour is every damn hour. The kind of place so crazy and chaotic there isn’t a white balance neutral and you just gotta roll with it while you half run from street to street chasing the light as it sets behind buildings so big you lose the horizon. I’ll see you again soon ❤️

When exploring canyons, get low, and underexposed. I know everyone out there wants bright red colors and light beams and stuff, and I can respect that style but for me it happens in the shadows. These are caves basically, they should be fucking spooky. Speaking of which do more work that scares you. Not so much that you can’t sleep, just enough that you wake up with a little bit of anxiety about pulling it off, it’s how you know you’re growing. 🔥

First of all thank you all for the outpouring of love on that last post. I tried most of your suggestions and found my own. ❤️ .
Ok then, second of all, you guys miss Mexico City like me? (Don’t @ me if you’re there, it’s not cool) look at this fucking street! Go crush Monday so we can get back to here.

I’ve been suffering lately a little bit from imposter syndrome. That thing where you start to second guess your talent and your drive and shit? This is not a post where you’re supposed to jump down and comment how great I am or how wrong I am. Imposter syndrome doesn’t get fixed that way and I’m truly not looking for that. Frankly I don’t know how to fix it always but I figured the best thing I could do is put this up so if you’re feeling the same, you could take this moment to take a breath and remind yourself that you’re actually better than you think you are. If none of this applies to you enjoy this claustrophobic scene of density that makes me feel nice and calm.

When I go to a new place something I’m constantly reminding myself is to capture scale. Not the scale of a space or place but the scale of my perspective. Take lots of intricate detail shots to balance out the wide long exposures. Shoot the cups in the sushi restaurant where you had breakfast. In China that means shooting a ton of details in the walls and bricks. Just. Keep. Shooting.

Guzzle some cold brew and make your to do lists. It’s Monday and this ones for you.
P.s. I know there’s a lot of aspiring photographers on this feed. The Fierberg scholarship is live for three more days in my bio -that means hours and hours of content for 50% off and it’s the right way to kick the week off.

50% off is a helluva gift for someone looking to take the next step in making the photos they take match the photo they see in their imagination. Link in bio. Let’s do this. Hit me with your questions in the comments.

@boulderdenim makes the best denim you can buy and is made by two dudes I’m lucky to call friends. I got to spend June working with them on the media for their 2.0 Kickstarter which is now LIVE. click through the link in my bio and get yourself the best pair of jeans you can buy while supporting good people. It’s a win win, and the videos pretty fucking dope too. 😉🤫

To say I’m proud to have been a part of @ponyupdenver as a designer would be an understatement. To have been able to help such good and talented people open the spot they’ve always wanted in my home city has me more proud to be from here than ever before. A tremendous thank you to @sheamusfeeley and @angelaneri for trusting me and @cake_agency to make the branding reflect the special place they had envisioned, and thanks above that for putting this spot in our city so I can enjoy it with my people for years to come.
P.s. @mayorhancock who do I talk to about moving this heavy equipment so I can get a photo without a crane in the way? French dips on me for your help. (I am not kidding)

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Vegas, but only this year have I gone for anything but work. It’s not that I like gambling and clubs and pool parties, those aren’t really my scene. But any city that sleeps as little as I do is going to have a fondness in my heart. Here’s a city scape from the rooftop bars scattered across the hotels

For something a lil different my friend @drawisely hooked up this amazing drawing of me and @ryanetouchedme is now convinced I need a neck tattoo.

I miss when it was cold as hell and I spent a week in a van watching dessert sunrises and sunsets. Anyway, falls coming and I can’t wait for the cold to creep back into the evenings and road trips.

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