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Jessika Fancy  🔮handpoked tattoos🔮 💎Visions crystal oracle deck💎 French Canadian queer babe💄 •••Vancouver•••✨•••BC••• https://druish.com/horoscopes/crystalscopes/


✨🌈Magic lights surround the #lepidolite card from my #visionscrystaloracledeck 💫 you can read up on what this card means by stopping by my two newest Canadian west coast stockists and grabbing a copy! @goodomenshop and @neighbourhoodqualitygoods so excited to be in these beautiful shops 💞💞 #magic #crystals

✨🖐🏼✨ I've always loved drawing hands, they are always my fav to #handpoke 💘 #vancouver last chance to get a tattoo by me this weekend and last chance to grab a #visionscrystaloracledeck before I head out! 🔮👁 #handtattoo #magic #stickandpoke

✨portals of healing✨ may you all be heavily loved and supported through your pain and struggles. #protectionspells #hexthesystem #solstice

✨trusting in yourself to transmit the magic you were meant too..✨ intuitive #handpoke based on your chart from one of @dru.ish and i's #astrotattoo sessions. Only 3 spots left to fill for this week and then we're off! 🌟Also! Our #crystalscopes for June is up, read up on what the cards and sky have to say for the month 💞 link in profile..🔮👁✨ #magic #astrology #crystals #summer #feelings

🌕🍓🌕 spent the #fullmoon day in nature with my sagittarian babe @dru.ish who took this photo. We explored nature portals, rushing waters and all the beauty that comes with it.. my dream life last night was FULL on, anyone else?!
🔥🔮🔥 #magic #candidmoment

🖤🌹 the most perfect black #rose for the sweet @radianthuman_ ✨✨✨been waiting for someone to pick that one! also, we've got a few spots left for our #astrotattoo sessions! DM to enquire 🌟 #handpoke #magic #stickandpoke #rosetattoo

💜Amethyst💜 on my mind lately... Been dealing with chronic ashtma flare ups that either land me in the ER every 3 months and have me taking meds I don't want to be taking. Trying to work through to the source of the issue(s) and feeling blocks and frustrations. So much of what we carry in our bodies is left over toxicity from bad situations, places and people. Amethyst is a gentle detoxifier and reminds you of the importance of deep breathing. Making a conscious effort to listen to your intuition rather than succumbing to fears and anxieties will help you in times of uncertainty ✨ as a pastime to deal with my anxieties, I've been obsessed with recreating gemstone life on my nails in realistic ways 💅🏼 #whenyrtiredasfuckbutyougottakeephealing
#airsignproblems #amethyst #magic #amethystnails #crystals #idomyownnails

✨✋🏼Old friends, new magic✋🏼✨ #vancouver get at me before I head out of town 💗 thanks to all the people who share space and their stories with me 🔮🖤 #magic #handpoke #handtattoo

✨🔮 here's some more work of our #astrotattoo sessions. Remember that every #tattoo has its own unique story synched up with your chart! We've opened up a few other spots for the beginning of June. After that we will be moving on to our next adventure.. 🌟🌬 this continues to be such an incredible journey and I wanna thank all the people who we've connected with so far and especially my babe @dru.ish for doing this work with me 💗💗💗 #astrology #handpoke #healthatshit #magic

✨💚When the cards match your nails 💅🏼 Here's some #malachite love for anyone needing a reminder that the sun is coming..(or already here depending on where you live) do you really want to be dragging around your suitcase full of old outdated modes of being? Probs not. Take a moment to clean out your emotional and mental closets to make space for healthier ways of being and coping..it's an ongoing process of course 🔮 photo cred to my babe @dru.ish 🖤 #sundays #magic #crystals #visionscrystaloracledeck #idomyownnails

💕✨ another fav for one of my favs in #montreal ✨💕 #handpoke #magic

✨🌕✨ when the full moon knows your name you best listen up.. #handpoke for one of my fav Taurus' 🖤 #magic #tattoo

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