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Jessica 🍍 Smith  digital lead @medallia_inc food + travel + design 〰️ mail,

Medallia conference kicking off with a sunset party on the beach, all the local food trucks, rad photo-ops, open bar and good vibes. #EXP18Medallia

Interior goals @pokalolasocialclub 〰️

Also have to share this incredible grilled romaine salad we had at @hopalleydenver this weekend. Topped with sundried tomatoes, sardines, herbed ricotta, black garlic dressing, toasted panko on top. 👅👅Goddamn Hop Alley knows what they’re doin.

Zoey is pretty darn happy the weather is turning... 🌼

There was a time when I was like, “oh word I’m good at social media + technology and this is what I can do for a living.” Then I learned about how it really worked in the corporate world. I learned that it wasn’t about what you were good at, what you knew, or WHO you knew. It was all about what you were willing to do, and HOW HARD you were willing to work. I often hear peers asking how to get that “dream job” or how to get that “high paying job.” Those statements are all an illusion, and a crapshoot. The only way you get to where you want to be, is to WORK YOUR FUCKING ASS OFF. Straight up. No bullshit. Even if you’re not in the ideal situation, that dream job will come after the hard work you put in. But you won’t get there unless you learn... work... learn... work. You are only as good as the effort you put in.

Whenever the Case of the Monday’s hit me I just remember how beautiful this world is + how lucky I am to have a life/job that I don’t hate. Some days are certainly challenging but what is a fulfilled life without the challenge? ☀️#MondayMotivation

worked 11 hour day > ate an edible > looked through camera roll > found this from a bakery in san francisco > drooled 🥖🍞🥐❤️


What a joyous win for the City of Brotherly Love. 🦅🦅 This city and these fans have more heart + passion than anywhere else. So amped to have been in Philly for this moment.

this was my view last saturday. this saturday I’m waking up to my dog throwing up before the sunrise. fantastic, happy weekend everyone! 🌴

Santa Cruz, underrated beach town just an hour south of SF ✔️ (2/2)

Spent my day in Santa Cruz + meditated next to the ocean (1/2) 🌊

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