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Jezhwanjaff  just do whatever you want to say..

it was great day..

Rest In Peace Big Man. spending a hard life in wars and revaluations. non other most of men can bear this kind of life. Rest in Peace brave Man Zrar Sulaiman Bag Dargalayi (RIP)

Card Tricks just for fun 🙂 (part2)
تاڵ دەستی تەنها بۆ خۆشی (بەشی 2)

Card Tricks just for fun 🙂 (part1)
تال دەستی تەنها بۆ خۆشی ( بەشی 1)
Thanks for my babe @gallaa_gallo

when I feel there is always hope to reach your goals and there is supportive people to all your life you are the first name my best friend and everything. @gallaa_gallo 😘🌹🤘


تراکی من و هاوتا بە ناوی بۆش تەواوی تراکەکە لە یوتوب هەیە لە بیو دامناوە بە هیوای تێگێشتن
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