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Jacqueline Sobotka  I coach women with nutrition&fitness by giving them the tools, accountability and support so that they can live healthy #teamON #sponsoredathlete

This is what happens when my flight gets delayed in denver. A local lady leader picks me up and we go kill it at the local park #ladyleaderlifestyle #nocoverupsummer
👭I'm doing the pushups with her💪

Do you know what foods cause inflammation and what foods don't???? #ladyleaderlifestyle 💖Credit to

Park workout Candy Stewart and I will be doing while I have a layover in Denver 👭
I feel so blessed to have Lady Leader's all over the world #ladyleaderlifestyle
🎊I 💖 my @optimumnutrition Training Journal!!!! Same ones We gave away this weekend at the #Spartan #race #TeamON

Ever craved sweets 🍬 consistently....or CHOCOLATE🍫 Maybe you're lacking a specific nutrient? Give this a try.... you might be surprised 🤗 #ladyleaderlifestyle

Thank God I brought my laptop. My 8:55am flight got canceled and now instead of being home at noon I'll be home at midnight lol 🙈
Wish airports had gyms #ladyleaderlifestyle

🤗Tomorrow I was asked for a Skype Interview. 🙈 🎉This could be fun! I'm just honored they think we could represent the All American Family #ladyleaderlifestyle #ladyleaderlegacy #allamericanfamily #TeamON

People are loving our @optimumnutrition bags so much they climb trees to keep them safe from anyone taking them. I love it! 😍 #TeamON

I went to Texas for 3 days work trip & packed all of my food. You can #ownyournutrition anywhere. 〰〰〰〰〰〰 ♳Cooked my chicken in the crockpot
♴minute rice (not ideal but was limited on time) ♵almonds and ♶nut butter.... thats it!
🔥 It may seem boring but easy is what keeps you consistent. #ladyleaderlifestyle

I met my first Irish man... I'm so fascinated by how he talks.... #TeamON @optimumnutrition

Gotta 💖 #Spartan #races

#ownyournutrition no matter where you are #ladyleaderlifestyle

I know some bad ass prep ppl just get up and grind but I love sleep!!!! It's the number 1 way I function so getting up this morning at 3:30am to do cardio just incase I can't squeeze in a Spartan race today was hard. However
1. When I get up and get moving I never regret it
2. The more we do it the easier it gets (I hope lol 😜With my craxy schedule it's hard to find any sort of routine #nightshiftproblems #parttimesoon #ladyleaderlifestyle)
✌Have a greeeeeat day! 17 minutes of cardio in. 🙈Not going to lie.... apart of me was more motivated to be able to write this in my new @Optimumnutrition training journal so at 14 weeks out I can share my exact journey with you once I'm done) #teamON

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