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Jessmyn T  Yoga Teacher 🌻 Mudgee Happy, loved, carefree ✌🏻️Joey & Jasper ❤️

Bros fist bump

Huge thank you to @hellvenarts for covering my shitty Chinese symbol up, it's no longer spring roll, it's now a beautiful lotus

LOVE ❤️ thank you @kaje_kirst so bloody awesome #jessnjoethaitheknot

It's funny how a kid can melt your heart and make you want to tear your hair out within the space of a few seconds

No more braces faces (well until we get back to strays)

It's the year for weddings 👰🏼🎉💃🏼 @jessicakaye01 @rodreinsma #jessandroddersgethitched

Anyone want this cheeky shit?

A huge happy birthday to this cutie pie, we love you lots mama/nana

Don't mind me you beautiful yoginis ✌🏻️ do your thang @lynsey_mann

We think 8 teeth at once can go f*%# themselves at least it's now and not overseas though #positivethoughts 😳 SOMEONE SEND ALCOHOL

It's taken me 30 years to feel comfortable to be in a photo in my bikini, I've finally at that point in my life where I am proud of my body, stretch marks, cellulite and all, I'm the healthiest I've been in a long time & whilst im no size 10 I'm finally okay with that, my body is a work in progress & before you think about body shaming anyone ever YOU are what is wrong with this world, you don't know how hard the person you are mentally criticising has worked to actually go to the gym, or that girl who is skinny or as some might say "too skinny" feels inside, who could be suffering from huge self esteem issues, not everything is as it seems so quit judging everyone, encourage people to love themselves & be kind to every person you meet even the ones who aren't kind to u, often they need it the most, and if you have anything negative to say about what I've just said kindly please fuck off