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Jeydon Wale 🐳  stay strong, stay beautiful, stay you 🌸 just a boy with crazy dreams. β€’β€’β€’ New video: 3 MONTHS ON T ↙️

3 MONTHS ON TESTOSTERONE update video now on my channel :) link in bio to check it out. so many awesome changes haha happy boy. hope you're having a great week fothermuckers, stay you πŸ’œ

can't believe I'm just over 3 months on testosterone. time is flyyyyying.... looking at older pics of myself recently and it's mind blowing to see how much HRT has helped change my body and my face in a short amount of time. I'm really starting to see the jey wale I've always been. I wish I could give baby jey a hug and reassure him everything will be okay.. keep moving forward, stay strong, you'll get there #ftm

☁️ β€’β€’ posted a new crazy video featuring my kitty Mokus :) link in bio if u wanna watch. hope it makes ya smile πŸ’œ

let's chat,, tell me about your weekend ☁️

guys I found fetus pictures of Mokus LOOK HOW CUTE N FLUFFY πŸ’œ this was 2011. she had the biggest brown eyes as a kitten woah aw I love my mokemoke

wet hair, dope shirt, funny looking boy and 2 MONTHS ON T. New video talking about my changes :) my voice dropped πŸ’« link in bio ➑️


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I made a side bitch instagram for spam posts cz why n0t: @wtfjeydon


chill new video. link in bio ☁️