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Tamojikato  ■I'm Jex, Therefore, Gravity Exists. ■ ●FC: 0387-9389-4472● • Hai. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) • ◆At 1k I Will Sing Dramaticly About A Potato.◆

BRUH. FALLAOW MAI NEW ACC PLX. (the reason? I want a more organized account. Thats it.) * @faetex *

#newacc #plsfollowbruh

So. I haven't posted in a week. Ye... ANYWHO, Like this pic if: You Would (Re)Follow Me if IG Got Reset. #idk

OMGOMGOMGOMFGGG @cdfraser9 Liked my phtoto :'s So happy!!! x3

Goodnight Guys. I feel like rubbish because I didn't have time to get Portia to @alice.of.tokariko :( (P.S. Alice, i'll give u 1m because I failed) #acnl #ifailedatlife #imsobleh

Tomorrow im goin to a hotel for a week :D #kendama #yey #yeshpls exactly do paths work? Idek what they are. Are they an item? #acnl #animalcrossingnewleaf

@missmayoralea I think I have them all xD #acnl

Should I Make An ACNL Acc? #acnl #animalcrossingnewleaf

Soz. Im so happy rn! Y? Bcuz om getting dreamie #4 (Zell) From @bubbles_the_vaporeon_101 and dreamie #6 (hugh) from @trainerashley

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