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Hiya Jewites! We are needing some advice, and so in our attempts to be open and transparent we are turning to you our closest and dearest fans, and the question is simple...
Who has the best dealer, who only deals in the good shit?
Did you know there are events out there that you don’t buy tickets for, but rather have not been invited as you don’t have enough followers on instagram! Did you know there are people who are labeled as ‘influencers’ who get to go to parties that we don’t? Yes it is true! And so in our great attempt to be invited to all parties we have decided to become influencers, and as every great influencers knows, you need hordes of obedient followers to like and spam your account. So we are in the market. Where is the best place to buy followers? And by followers we mean the best. Constant interactions and constant likes so even we lose track of who is real and who isn’t. Sometimes one needs to put their money where their mouth is on the road to popularity and that is us, ready to hit that road and move on into the world of influencing.
So once again, who is your best follower dealer, who only deals in the good stuff. (Real people out of Russian sweatshops would be preferred over bots as they seem to have the most influence over world opinion at the moment) *As an aside, we are also available to being bought to follow and will follow you for a small fee. Any likes over the standard 3 a month will incur additional fees, and comments are priced per word. Please DM for our full pricing breakdown and bank details.
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Mazels Croatia!!!!

Big shoutout to all those that joined. As always, everybody can be 4 techno.


Keep the dedications coming! #j4tathelivingroom


‘When will you play in Joburg’ we are constantly asked on the streets, ‘Why is it Cape Town, Swaziland and Japan get to constantly see you live and Joburg never makes your tour schedule?!?’ Well fear not Jozi (as the kids today call it) we are coming, and yes, to answer your next question, we are coming on mass, with almost the full band. This Saturday we will be in the City of Gold, traffic and potholes. The city without a beach to be seen nor a mountain to walk. A place where people actually make money. Yes Johannesburg, where dreams are made, we are coming to make your dreams of truly great music accessible. This Saturday we will be actually making Super Cool Saturday at the Livingroom Super Cool.
Sat 2-7pm
The Livingroom

Be there. We will sign autographs. We will pose for selfies, we will accept free drinks and we might take requests. Believe.

Meet and greeting

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