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J E W E L S Z E E ➰ Australia  ༺ • love simply | live simply • 📷:@olympus_au OM-D E-M1 Mark II ♛ #olympusinspired ➰:@jewelszee.eyeswideopen

{thank you} 🧡 breathe ~ think ~ enjoy ~ love ~~ || it is all a precious privilege ✨

✨ this very morning ✨ {tired, sore, sad, lifeless, uninspired, heavy, struggling, afraid, heart-hurts, soul-sickness ... words we are too afraid to say sometimes for fear of judgement, especially in the social world, where the lines between reality and ‘posed, cropped & edited’ are conveniently forgotten.

Today, and for many moons, I have felt all these words. Today I forced myself out of my bed despite these words. Today, even though I still feel these words... I am smiling. ❤️ ~~ if you got out of bed today and it was fucking hard, and you didn’t want to but you did it anyway... I am so proud of you. This sunrise is especially for you. ✨♥️

~ ✨ the mind has a thousand eyes • the heart but one ✨ ~ {good night pocket world} xO

In 2004 the elephant population of Bumi Hills in Zimbabwe was recorded as around 15,000. By 2013 only 3,000 elephants were left. In 9 years... 12,000 elephants: dead. This drastic decline in numbers was mostly due to the illegal killing of elephants by poachers, to sell their ivory tusks. Fast forward to today and the @bumihillsfoundation anti-poaching unit has worked relentlessly to increase the elephant numbers in the area once again, but the work does not stop. Ever. All day, all night, Nick, the founder, and his small team are doing absolutely everything in their power to protect these beautiful gentle giants, putting their own lives on the line. Their commitment and passion to save the elephants is so extraordinary, and the small amount of time I got to spend with them was priceless. I cannot even explain how this experience affected me. This small group of individuals are saving lives, changing lives, and making a huge impact in their world. They are changing our world for the better. ♥️🐘 Go with @laurenepbath on her Zimbabwe tour next year, and you’ll understand.... all the feels. ✨🌍♥️🐘✨

Good morning beautiful people! ✨🙂 I’m not being biased at all, but I think this is one of the most magical views on the planet! The city on the sea is the place for me! Yes, I’m rhyming ... so I think today is going to be a good day! I’m off to the #commgames2018 Volleyball Finals this afternoon! 😳 Me! The most unsportiest human on the planet! And I’m excited! I don’t know what’s come over me. Haha! 🙊👉🏼♥️ @destinationgoldcoast #wearegoldcoast

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“Remember, anyone can love you when the sun is shining. In the storms is where you learn who truly cares for you.”

~ FESTIVAL 2018 ~ there’s such a wonderful celebration of the arts, music and culture happening on the Gold Coast in cahoots with the Commonwealth Games right now! It’s not all about sport you know! 😋Haha! 🙊
As beautiful as my home is every single day of the year, there’s nothing quite like the high vibing atmosphere of a special event like this one gracing our pristine coastline & basking in the sunlight of our perfectly beautiful Aussie Autumn weather. It’s been super fun, and I reckon the #goldcoast is definitely the place to be this week! Check out my instastory to see what I got up to over the weekend for @festival2018 or even better, get out there and get amongst it for yourself!✨🙌 ps. All that talk you heard about the traffic being a challenge... none of it is true! Happy Humpday pocket world!👌🙂 @destinationgoldcoast #wearegoldcoast

#festival2018 #gc2018 @gc2018 #goldcoast #commonwealthgames @queensland #queensland @australia #australia #SHARETHEDREAM #arts #culture #music #seeaustralia #thisisqueensland #igersgoldcoast #commgames #openmyworld #sun7 #bbctravel #festivals #goldcoastlife #goldcoast2018 #goldcoastliving

to live a quiet life
where the only sounds are
music.... always.
the ocean, the rain, the silence
and the laughter of big n little loves.

to have deep and meaningful conversations with things growing in the garden
and birds in the trees.
bees in the dandelions,
puppies and caterpillars.
to be surrounded by people to love
and learn from.

to be content with simple dreams.

Curious Affection 🧡 I recently visited @qagoma in Brisbane to see the exquisitely weird and wonderful exhibition by feminist artist Patricia Piccinini. Filled with beautifully emotive sculptures and installations that had me experiencing all the feels. So honoured to have witnessed such peculiar beauty and mind blowingly creative talent. I absolutely recommend any one in or around Brisbane between now and August to go and check it out! ✴️ @qagoma #PiccininiGOMA #FeelItAtGOMA #sponsored

Good morning! Lots of you have asked me for more ellies from Zimbabwe! So here’s one of my Friday faves, just for you! ☺️♥️ I mean, look at those lashes!! LOVE! 🙊😍😍 I had SO much fun with @olympus_au 300mm pro lens, I couldn’t put it down! 😝 Well, I hope you love this beautiful 🐘 as much as I do! ♥️🐘♥️ have a great weekend everybody! 😘 #olympusinspired ✨📷🖤

• speak your truths and seek them in others • Don’t ever feel like you have to fake how you’re feeling or who you are for the sake of strangers and numbers. Shake yourself every once in a while. Shake yourself, and the fake stuff will start to shatter. 🖤

• storm in the sky ~ storm in my heart • something only we know ~ sorrow of tomorrow • sunlight on my skin ~ kisses in the wind • keeping it all in ~ letting it all go • there is love in dark places ~ there is light in burnt souls • then there is you ~ far beyond you there is me • so look for the present ~ it is your gift • ➰

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