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Jewel Staite  Every time I hear the word Instagram, I think of teddy grams and then I’m hungry. Blog: Side gig:

Packing for @megaconorlando and yes I travel with my own tea now like a little old lady. Can’t wait to explain this one to customs. @tearunners

The champagne of teas... Need I say more? Coming in our Pure Tea Box in June 😍 @tearunners
#Repost @tearunners ・・・
Coming in June (Pure Tea Box only): Arya Diamond. If you've never tried a Darjeeling black tea before, you may be a bit surprised. Firstly, it doesn't look like black tea, and secondly, it may not taste like other black teas you're used to. But after a few sips you'll know why they call teas from Darjeeling, India the "Champagne of teas." To bring our new Pure Tea Box to market with a bang, we've included Arya Diamond - one of the most expensive teas we've ever purchased, retailing in the $75/oz range.

Receiving the highest rating in its class (SFTGFOP1), this decadent black tea sneaks up on you with the rejuvenating scent of spring time and notes of nutmeg and parmesan. It's a nutty, grassy, pleasant earthy offering brewing light in color but surprisingly strong and slightly syrupy. This is a very special tea! .
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Salmon is Charlotte’s favourite food, hands down. So good thing Charlie just caught lots of it! Stay tuned for salmon recipes a-go-go on the blog cuz I’m about to go OFF

Thank you, @wizardworld Philly! Great job on that whole aiming to misbehave thing. Until next time... lots of 💕

Shiny little Saturday over here #wizardworldphilly

A Browncoat at @wizardworld Philadelphia gave me a bottle of homemade wine in honour of Ron Glass, who would’ve drank it all and not saved me any. I miss that man. ❤️🍓

#tbt from 7 months old and washing him in a hotel room sink cuz there was no tub..... to this (swipe) My Wildy ❤️😭

THIS WEEKEND! @WizardWorld Philadelphia!!! Use my code at checkout when you get tix -- JEWELWW -- for a special discount. Link in my bio! #WizardWorldPHIL #WizardWorld

Afternoon lulls in the Gulf Islands 🌸

Ottawa, you were a delight. All three of us professionals will be at @wizardworld Philadelphia next weekend, and @megaconorlando the weekend after that. We’re like a lil traveling circus! See you soon xo

Motherhood: it’s wonderful, unpredictable, exasperating, rewarding, heartbreaking... How many things have I learned about myself just in the last 2.5 years? I’ve lost count. Thank you to my little teacher. I love you so much, my heart can’t take it sometimes. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the fierce mamas out there. Especially the stay at homes and the single mamas. You have my deepest admiration and respect most of all, cuz I do not know how you do it, girl. And you’re doing great. I wish I could buy all of you a drink and a massage 🍾💐 ❤️

SGA reunion. There may have been Guinness.

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