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🐾 Jewel, Therapy Dog 🐾  Austin Dog Alliance. Loves: affection, chasing her tail, walks, her favorite bear, being a lap dog, chasing water, sunning, squirrels, volunteering

Forgot to mention a highlight from our Brookdale visit yesterday, another example of how we receive way more than we give when volunteering.
We met a new resident named Betty. Her face lit up when she saw Jewel, and she proceeded to love on her. She had huge bruises and swelling on her head. Turns out she had fallen and hit her head on a marble table.
In chatting with her, we asked about the blanket she had on her lap with family pictures on it. She said it's one of the only items from her house that survived hurricane Harvey. Turns out, she was living in Rockport, Texas - and she evacuated before Harvey hit. The hurricane ended up destroying her house. Since then, she has been living with her daughter in Austin. She then fell out of her daughter's bed...and after being in the hospital, now she's recovering. After she is a little better, she is going to live at Brookdale in the independent living section.
She was so positive about it all… Saying that possessions don't mean anything really, and she was just happy to be in Austin again with her family.
Her life has changed so much in the last month. But she didn't seem phased by it at all, looking forward to the next new adventure. She is moving forward with resilience, and a positive attitude. Not feeling sorry for herself. What an example on how to live!
#therapydog #therapydogsofinstagram #therapypup #certifiedtherapydog #pettherapydog #austindogalliance #therapyteam #pettherapyteam #volunteeringisgoodforthesoul

Jewel and her Brookdale friends (Leta, Kendall and Julie in these photos), lots of attention today...makes for a tired pup. She's sacked out and snoozing hard now. 😴🐾❤️

Another great day of volunteering at Brookdale! A rare photo of the both of us, thanks to our good friend Julie, who joined us. Loved seeing her meet all of our friends. #therapydog #therapydogsofinstagram #therapypup #certifiedtherapydog #pettherapydog #austindogalliance #therapyteam #pettherapyteam #brookdaleseniorliving

Always with her favorite dirty baby, the first toy we bought her the day after she was adopted at age 7. I don't think she ever had a stuffed toy before that. She's been feeling great the last few days, and eating like a little piglet. 😊❤️🐷

Such a good girl!

It's playtime! Happy weekend, everyone!

Thanks for everyone's thoughts and positive words/vibes, we appreciate it so much! Someone's feeling 100% better today and wolfing down her food! What a difference, yesterday she was so weak...would not eat and barely would drink water. So happy she rebounded so quickly!! #caninecancerwarrior #caninecancer #caninecancersucks #shesatrooper #gottastaystrong

Not such a good day. Miss J is not herself, has an infection - which goes along with the challenges of the big C. Getting extra cuddles in tonight...hoping for a quick rebound when the antibiotics kick in. #caninecancerwarrior #caninecancer #caninecancersucks #shesatrooper #gottastaystrong

Love it when she chases her tail...goofy pup. This is a short session compared to her usual... #tailchasingdog #happiestdogever #goofydog

Jewel's all tuckered out with a nap on her mind after volunteering at Brookdale today (and still patiently posing for her momma). We spent time with our usual friends, plus made a few new ones. A low-key, but rewarding day. Leta (our favorite) told us that she loves our regular visits and feels like we are friends, not just volunteers. Loved hearing that! #therapydog #therapydogsofinstagram #therapypup #certifiedtherapydog #pettherapydog #austindogalliance #therapyteam #pettherapyteam #goldenlove

J is not gonna let a pesky little chemo treatment stop her from being happy go lucky today! #happiestdogever #whatcancer #caninecancerwarrior #cancersnotgonnaslowmedown

What a great day! We volunteered at Brookdale this morning, visited with lots of people...and heard more interesting life stories.
Then this evening, I decided to take Jewel for a walk at Town Lake, and right after starting our jaunt on the trail...she went right up to introduce herself to this gentleman, George - who is a young 89 years old. We ended up chatting for 45 mins or so, he was so fun to talk to. He has had the most fulfilling life, with lots more on his goal list. Including writing a book and illustrating it himself. He likes to come to the lake to walk, people watch and see friends...several people waved at him when walking by...and he knew them by name. He allowed me to take this sweet pic of him and J.
We didn't end up getting our walk in, but this is what was needed tonight. ❤️❤️❤️ #makingnewfriends #dogssixthsense #sometimesyoujustgetwhatyouneed #therapydog #therapydogsofinstagram #therapypup #certifiedtherapydog #pettherapydog #austindogalliance

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