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🐾 Jewel, Therapy Dog 🐾  The Dog Alliance. Therapy Dog. Cancer Warrior. Best Friend. 87.5% Golden. Loves: snuggles; volunteering; her favorite 🐻; chasing 💦, 🐿 & her tail. RIP

It's been one month since I last saw this face. Missing you tons, my sweet gentle Jewel. So glad I took these pics last year. She clearly did not like that hat, though! 😂 The things she'd do for me.
Signs of her not yet diagnosed cancer are clearly visible in these pics, pigment had disappeared from her eyes, mouth and face.

It's way sooner than expected, and I didn't think I was ready...but fate had other plans. This silly girl fell into my lap over the weekend...and it was all so easy, it seemed right.
Meet Sophie, the late Jewel's tomboy of a little sister. This energetic, goofy, funny girl joined the family on Saturday, 12/9. She is super smart, friendly and huggable...so we will be training soon to become a therapy team.
I'm still missing my sweet gentle amazing Jewel so much, but I think J would be happy that we will be carrying on the tradition.
Sophie's story will be shared here: @sophie_future.therapydog .
#futuretherapydog #justgotadopted #carryingonthetradition #whenadoorclosesanotheropens #newbegginings

I visited Brookdale today for the first time since losing Jewel. Was apprehensive to go back, but I felt it was important to share the news with Jewel's friends, face to face.
Everyone was asking where she was, then shared their condolences and sympathy upon hearing.
You see, they didn't even know she was sick, I had not shared the news of her cancer journey with them. So, it was a shock.
I hadn't wanted to tell them, because they all have their own challenges and struggles, and our job was to uplift them and give them some smiles and joy. And, I didn't want them to treat Jewel differently or to feel sorry for her.
Everyone was urging me to get another companion and to become a pet therapy team asap...they felt it was important to continue the path that Jewel and I had started.
I realized I don't have to have J by my side to make a difference in the meantime. The residents were still happy to see me...and I decided today that I would continue visiting on my own. These are now my friends and I feel a connection that I'm not ready to break.
#lifegoeson #therapyteamminusone #findinganewpurpose #therapydog #therapyteam #caninecancersucks #fcancer #caninecancer

Last night I had a very real dream about this little lady...she was not feeling well and was laying in my lap as I comforted her. She didn't have cancer sores/tumors.
I could feel her soft fluffy fur and the weight of her body...and she kept looking at me with those loving eyes.
What a gift to see her and love on her for those fleeting moments.
Please come back to visit again soon, miss J...and hope you are feeling better next time.
#missingmygirl #specialsoul #dreamvisits #hopetoseeyouagainsoon #caninecancerwarrior #caninecancersucks #fcancer

I just wanted to thank everyone for all of your amazing heartfelt comments about Jewel. The last few days have been so hard, and I've wanted to respond to each and every one of you...but I've neglected to do so.
Please know that each and every one of your messages and have meant the world to me.
It's so hard to deal with the loss, but it makes it a bit easier knowing the kind of affect her gentle soul had on so many people, many of whom she never met. Her spirit lives on...and she's an inspiration to us all.
One day there will be another furry companion/therapy dog in the house. For now, it's time to honor Jewel and her impact.
I will be sharing more on her cancer journey soon - in hopes that her challenges and the lessons we learned will help another pup out there who is struggling with the disease.
I also am writing the story of Jewel's life and times, reflecting on her life journey since we met a short 2.5 years ago. #herspiritliveson #bravelady #specialsoul #caninecancersucks #caninecancerwarrior #fcancer #canceriscruel

We had to say goodbye to sweet Jewel tonight. 😥 This picture is of the silly Jewel, and how I want to remember her.
After the amazing gift of a day on Tuesday, she took a turn for the worse...and it was her time.
Tuesday was that fire that burns brightest just before it burns out...and we are so very grateful for that treasured day.
This special soul lit up so many lives since she was adopted a short 2.5 years ago. She lived and loved more in that time than many do in a lifetime...she was desperate to make up for lost time.
We were/are soulmates, and I know we will meet again one day.
Thank you for following us though this journey, it means so much. This page will be kept open in honor of this brave little lady.
#caninecancersucks #caninecancerwarrior #fcancer #canceriscruel #bravelady #weshallmeetagain #specialsoul #heartsarebreaking #avesvets #griffithsmallanimalhospital #austinveterinaryemergencyandspecialtycenter #dogboys #dogboysdogranch #thedogalliance #austindogalliance

Finally Jewel is acting like her old self, even if it's temporary...I'll take it! This girl has some fight in her. It was a joyous night in our house seeing this girl running, happy and eating!
She's been feeling a tiny bit better each day and finally seemed to turn the corner, but she had still been refusing to eat.
She seems to have developed food aversion, associating it with feeling bad. And on top of feeling really yucky in general due to an infection and reaction to meds, I read that chemo can change taste buds...and she has been super finicky since her final chemo several weeks back.
Been researching and trying all sorts of foods and tricks to try to get her to eat. Even force fed her with a syringe at one point (she hated this!). I also started her on an appetite stimulator, and some additional herbal supplements.
Finally success! We played a game, throwing her food around the house and she loved it! Made it fun instead of torture. And my house got messy, but I didn't care....she ate!
Other tips that worked (for the moment): putting food in different bowls and in different rooms, smelly foods and trying different textures. Her favorites for the evening were plain water crackers, potstickers, sardines, vienna sausages, Cesar wet dog food and paté.
Today I'm sure will be another struggle, but this small victory gives me hope that she still has the will to live!
I know hard decisions are coming, but I'm not giving up on her if she's not giving up. (she looks extra ratty in this video...been putting CBD oil on her sores, which seems to be helping them)

Thanks for everyone's kind words and prayers, it means so much to us. Jewel is still here with us, her work is not done just yet. She's feeling a little better at the moment and she's loving all the snuggles and face rubs....and we are too. Practicing living in the moment together.

It's time to just snuggle, cuddle, share hugs and be lazy. J told me she doesn't have that much longer. We are loving on each other as much as possible while we can.
#sweetestpupever #livinginthemoment #onborrowedtime #caninecancerwarrior #caninecancer #caninecancersucks #shesatrooper #gottastaystrong

Another one from last weekend's shoot. So glad we did these shoots when we could, I'm sad to report she's not feeling too great now...so no more formal photo shoots, too taxing.
#sweetestpupever #livinginthemoment #onborrowedtime #atxpup #austindogs #atxdogs #lovinghercity #caninesofaustin #dogsofaustin #dogsof512 #caninecancerwarrior #caninecancer #caninecancersucks #shesatrooper #gottastaystrong

So happy getting some lovin' from daddy.

Snuggletime...and momma loves it. Photo shoots are hard work!
#snuggletime #doggiehugs #lapdog #mommasgirl

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