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Jewel  Mom Chic Singer, writer of made up things | #musician #mindfullness #mom

Writing is like
Submarine dreams
pondering things
like the anatomy
of love
#studiolife #music #underwater #art #poetry

Liquid wisdom.
I’ve been learning a new skill... relaxing. Celebrating. I’ve always been a work horse. I grind. It’s a skill I learned young, and it has served me well. I hustle and I pick myself up and dust myself off and I grind some more. I love it. My set back has never been a willingness to pay dues or grind it out. But I have never stopped to pat myself on the back - not my entire life. I have never really celebrated accomplishments. But I am learning that the grind is only as good as our ability to exhale and celebrate life. life and death, joy and struggle are so intertwined that we deserve to honor with joy each day we accomplish and live so life is not just about the struggle, but the joy of having striven ... my son teaches me to play... he teaches me many things... but playing, being in the moment , being fully absorbed and joyous with abandon is one of the many things he teaches me ... #grind #entrpreneur #hustle #relax #celebrate

Nothing more endearing than a boy and his dog running in the cool of the evening on freshly cut grass s the sun shines down, as if for them alone ...

Dusk in the home our gracious hosts are letting us stay in.... an open air reflecting pool looking out into the living room looking onto the beach. it is like looking at a painting within a painting . each angle and turn looks like a portrait ... very grateful to be able to relax here #architecture #painting #relax #artaslife #gratitude

Pink revelry ... Cabo is giving me relaxation on a platter .... 🙏

Blue sky mind

Mother’s! Your my heroes! If you want something done- mms find a way. They are natural entrepreneurs ... they develop teams and character and. Ink about the good of their community ... and know they by everyone thriving, everyone wins .... moms are heroic in multitasking, finding a way, holding it together, and moving forward... BUT sometimes we don’t have the way self care ... so moms ... take a day for yourself .... relax... be pampered ... I salute all the moms out there!! #mothersday #mom #child #momentrpreneur #getitdone

What that what?! This place is so amazing!!!

My friends Damien and Krista from the band @newnorthmusic have a new song called MAMA that I wanted to share for Mother’s Day!

Headed on an actual vacation! So excited!!

Volunteering Sunday :)

Fun night w the @foofighters

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