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Michelin starred Kam's Roast Goose. Awesome sauce especially when mixed with the fat. Caution: eating too much will make your head hurt. Based on personal experience. Haha. •

#JettTheFoodie #HongKong

Tsim Chai Kee wonton noodles. Also on the Michelin guide, they serve awesome prawn wonton dumplings and some other really huge toppings with their really firm noodles. At least you don't have to worry about finishing your noodles before the toppings. Haha. •

#JettTheFoodie #HongKong

Under Bridge Spicy Crab. What looks like a pile of garlic and crab is really..... a pile of garlic and crab. Haha. Me and my brother HAD to try it to see what the fuss was about. It was good and got our noses sweating. Actually our whole face lol. But we still prefer the chili crab in Singapore. •

#JettTheFoodie #HongKong

Gotta get them brownie points 😏👌 haha. •

Just kidding. Happy #NationalGirlfriendDay @karlavreyes.
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How to drink Mango Coconut w/ Mochi Balls Ice from Hui Lao Shan.

📍Travel Brodie's: Hong Kong Edition. 📍

Enjoying a great cup of cold drip coffee... then you realize you left something at home. Lol. #Taiwan

How we should all feel about Mondays 😊

When going to Taiwan, you MUST eat at Elixer Hotpot. 💯💯💯. Where hotpot dreams come to life. 😭 #Taiwan #JettTheFoodie

thanks for the reco @amadofores

Happy Birthday to prolly the only person I love more than food haha. You have so much great things ahead of you... (like in this picture hehe)... and I'm excited to see you fulfill your dreams. ❤️.

Yong Kang Beef and Tendon Noodle Soup 🔥. Didn't get to take a picture, but tastes so much better if you add the pickled cabbage from the silver tin behind the bowl haha. Best beef noodles in Taiwan 💯. Broth, beef and noodles were on point. Wew. •

#Taiwan #JettTheFoodie

Taiwan was awesome. Happy Pre-Birthday weekend @karlavreyes. •

#Taiwan #☺️

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