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Twilight - occurs at north latitudes 47 degrees on up and is most prominent around summer solstice. Mount Stuart sits in the backdrop towering at near 9k •
Sony A7iii | 85mm | ISO100 | f/2.0 |

Thanks Brit and Grant for the opportunity to capture your special day!! @bf_18 @gerritlund you guys looked awesome. The #cattlebarn in Cle Elum was such an awesome venue. It was also great to see so many familiar faces, good friends with family near and far. Now I’m working on getting photos done with the help of @swimikimi @thekylegeorge and @cgowett1130 I couldn’t resist posting this shot first, it was my last one of the night. Many more to follow plus video. Congratulations you guys!!

Holy Grail timelapse over Mount Rainier in the high Cascades. Sunset to Milky-way and back to Sunrise. @thekylegeorge and I hiked up to Kelly Butte during the new moon for some fantastic views of the MilkyWay.
My plan was to capture the rise and fall over the Mountain. Playback is 24fps for 1800+ shots. •
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Sony A7

Summer Special- The dark horse watches over Kelly Butte with climbers on Mount Rainier. @thekylegeorge and I got lucky and had the place to ourselves for an overnight stay. We watched sunset through sunrise. What a fantastic view it was. Now I’m working on a holy grail 1800+ shot timelapse of the whole show, but having issues getting my key frames setup, more on that later when I get it dialed in. •

Sony A7iii | 28mm | ISO5000 | 20s | f/2.0
8 stacked images using stary photo stacker + LR PS with some actions •

~ Zion ~ This is my first post in a while. I took a little IG break and during that time I’ve been doing a lot of shooting. This shot was from a really fun trip I went on with my buddy @cynkllr_photography where we travelled all over the Southwest interior and saw some amazing things.

Zion is super dark, I always thought Rainier Nat Park was dark, but this region sets a new dark in comparison. What I liked about shooting here was getting to see the rich details of the galaxy. •

Sony A7 | 50mm prime @sonyalpha | ISO5000 | 13s | f/1.8

22 stacked images using stary photo stacker + LR PS with some actions •

Seasons change, snow melts, spring flowers bloom and earth rotates toward the MilkyWay once again in the Northern Hemisphere. •
My goal was to capture an early season alignment with the landscape looking east to create a man vs. universe effect. When I was setting up the shot the sky was a lot darker, then by the time the MilkyWay got into position the moon was right on the horizon casting a tiny bit of luminous light onto the peaks. It was a trade off for washing out the sky but lighting up the landscape giving the area some depth. I always thought this shot would be cool to see with the MilkyWay rising up from the valley between the peaks, but that isn’t possible here. By the time it rotates vertical later in the season the base will have moved to the shooters back and I’d be looking 180 degrees to the west. •
All in all this was a fun shot to setup. It was really cold and there were lot of sketchy sounds from animals in the woods. It started getting windy, parts of my equipment froze up when thick fog rolled in. And on the walk back through the woods I kept seeing eyes 👀 looking at me from in the trees. When that stuff happens I sing out loud and prey for it to go away. And it normally does. •
Do you know where to find the MilkyWay and how to track its path? I use @photopills to setup my astro shots. What’s your workflow ? 🤟🏻

#madewithmefoto shot on @sonyalpha #Nightscaper with 14mm #rokinon and my #petzl_official as my guiding light * * * A7 | 14mm | f2.8 | ISO 3200 | 30s

~Moonrise over Seattle with Air-traffic ~

Sony A7 |50mm f/1.4 | ISO320 | 4s | f/2.2
601 shots | Timelapse
45 min time span •Music 🎶 by #Vanhalen “secrets” off the 1982 album Diver Down 🤙🏻

~Revenge of Kylo Ren~ •

Made a whole night of this one, showed up just as the lights were going down, shortly after got shut out with a fog blanket. It was a new moon, peak season, flaming hot in the valley didn’t think the heat would rise this high to condense the cooler mountain air into a thick fog, but it did. Decided to stay and chat with some others I met along the way hoping temps would normalize and lift the ban on the view. Took a little longer than was hoping but the mountain finally popped out bright and clear. I wanted to see the climbers going up their routes, so I stayed the course and claimed my prize at the end. If you haven’t seen this before, it’s a sight you won’t forget. Wasn’t long after this and I heard the birds chirping, sure tell sign wasn’t much left of the night. Northwest mornings come super quick in summer. Blue hour starts up in the 3am hour. This was my final shot and my favorite of the night.

#madewithmefoto #Nightscaper#photopills #petzlofficial * * * SONY A7 | 14mm #Rokinon | f2.8 | ISO 3200 | 40s

~Alki Fuel 🔥~

With @swimikimi and @cgowett1130
Sony A7 | 14mm @rokinon #rokinon | ISO400 | 20s | f/4.0

This mountain has so many looks, you can’t go wrong any which way you shoot it. I saw the saucer forming up before first light, went to a new spot I hadn’t tried before, got really cold, but walked away with the Gold!

Sony Alpha | 80mm | ISO100 | 1/640s | f/4.0

Sky’s were Lit all weekend, temps were cold, jogged in place to shoot these frames. This was an experiment, I didn’t expect it to work but I keep trying anyway. I normally get errors when I try to stitch. It’s a 6 frame, 2 row portrait stack pano. Lookers left is SeaTac Airport to Seattle on the right with Olympic Mountains in the backdrop. Shot on 50mm f/1.4 Bonus: The shiny surface at the bottom of picture is ice that formed on the sidewalk at NewCastle Golf with reflection tones. •
Sony A7 | 50mm | ISO400 | 1/13s X 6 | Sunset 5:37 pm | Frames shot at 6:17-19 pm |

* Presidents Day Weekend Stormy Weather in the Emerald City #Seattle with @swimikimi and @cgowett1130
Sony A7 | 28mm | ISO100 | 1/3s |f/13 * #MadeWithMeFOTO

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