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Meet our super Cabin Crew, who helped deliver a new life on board!

Thank you, well wishers, for commending our Cabin Crew, who helped an expectant mother deliver her baby aboard our flight. Here’s a first-hand account of their experience of a lifetime!

How does it feel that you have helped a childbirth happen on board?
Miracles don't happen every day, but 18th June, 2017 was THE day for all of us. Each and every second from the mother's labour to crowning, followed by birth of the baby was priceless for us! A lifetime experience, indeed! The first cry of the baby boy got the best smiles on our faces! We hadn't imagined while boarding the flight, that we would have such a surreal experience of bringing a charming bundle of joy into this world. This is great teamwork!

Do you feel your in-flight training helped?

100%, without a doubt! Whatever we have achieved today is because of our extensive in-flight training. We can't thank our medical department and first aid trainers enough, for their excellent methods of training and the detailed manuals that they have scripted, that helped us on board.
Our in-flight training has made us capable of this appreciation we are getting today.

What is the message you would like to give out to your colleagues, especially those who have joined recently as Cabin Crew?

Our first priority is safety and first aid. Believe in yourself. Be calm and composed, keep cool when such circumstances arise. Don’t panic. Most importantly, believe in your team and synchronize with each other. Have trust in each other. Everything else will fall in place.

Lastly, what message would you like to give out to the just-born, bundle of joy?
Warm welcome to you, champ! You are a brave heart. You are a charismatic personality who is born battling and challenging all the odds, with a strong spirit. Your birth is an inseparable emotion in our lives.
We will look forward to welcoming you on board again and again, as now you are a charming addition to the Jet Airways family.

Mohammad Taj Hayat,
Tejas Chavan, Catherine Lepcha, Sushmita David,
Isha Jayakar, Deborah Tavares

Dear Dad,

I am sure you couldn’t have asked for a better gift this Father’s Day.

It’s amazing how the world is talking about my arrival on board Jet Airways flight. It’s surely an #OnCloud9W feeling for me. And as far as Jet Airways is concerned, I am sure their #JoyOfFlying has almost doubled.
I thank mom for her indomitable spirit and the Cabin Crew’s best efforts in helping me come in this world.
And yes, I finally thank Jet Airways for gifting me a lifetime of free travel. This means more travel is on the cards, more fun outings with you and mom, and more of exploring this beautiful world.

They say, you are lucky when you are born with a silver spoon.
I say, you are lucky when you are born with wings to fly!

Love, Baby On Board!

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"Until I was a father, multi-tasking was a myth! Life has taken a radical shift since the birth of our son. With an over-enthusiastic, superbly charged and highly well planned wife, for me to match up to her as a co-parent was a challenge. But then, either you run the day or the day runs you. I choose to run the day. Like for all newly dads, it was apparently misery complicated.
Before I knew, all my priorities were out of the window for preliminary one month. Am I expected to be a Superhero? The thought often haunted me at unusual hours, while either changing diapers, cleaning, helping my wife to nurse or putting Zehen to sleep. And yes! All this in the middle of managing my monthly flight roster! Early morning departures, four-sectors a day or back to back international flights, I have managed to operate all. The miraculous smile on the face of my son always reminded me that I am his first Superhero. That kept me going always.
The tasks at home have changed as he is a toddler now but the urge to give him the best is highly stimulating. My journey with Jet Airways has been sturdy but productive. From a Cabin Crew to a First Officer and currently a Senior Commander, I deem that I will be able to set the right paradigm for my son.
Waiting for the day when my Zehen will tell the world – You don’t believe in Superheroes? Come meet my Papa!" #JetDads - Amit Sood, Sr. Commander - Flight Operations

This day just can’t get any better! #HappyFathersDay 😎

"While mothers have an integral part in a child’s development, fathers too have an important role to play. A good bonding between a daughter and father always boosts a child’s development in a positive way and helps build her confidence.

I have always been there with my daughter since her birth, playing, loving and nourishing her. I am there to solve all her small problems. I have always been sensitive to her feelings and encouraged her in her hobbies.
Anyone can become father but it takes a real man to be a daddy. #JetDads"

“I held my daughter first when she was just 10 minutes old, wrapped in a cloth. My hands shivered, but a beautiful feeling dawned on me. “Let your joy be in your journey” – said Tim Cook, which sums up my own experience with my daughter who is a teen now. Simple joys of waiting for her to wake up, smile, yawn, first words, first steps, first meal – while I still enjoy the daily joys, I also realise she wants me to cook, be her chauffeur, be a friend and most importantly – make her a realise her value as a lady.
She made me realize what my father must have gone through. I never heard him say that he loved me, but deep down I know he did.” #JetDads - John Victor, Country Manager - Sri Lanka

“I named my son ‘Zaid’, meaning abundance. He has completely changed my personality. My feelings, my duties and willingness to spend time with my family has increased many folds. I never thought I would make funny faces for anyone. But I do it for Zaid, and his laughter. I love every moment spent with him; be it massages, his bath, feeding him or making him sleep. It’s not easy, but it’s beautiful.” #JetDads - Noorali Ladhani, Cabin Supervisor, In-flight Services

“I guess the best thing about travelling is the feeling when you return home. My 2 children, Zachary and Martha, are eager to fly with me in Jet Airways. I showed them flyers of all the 3 cabins and they were quite fascinated. My son, who’s a movie buff, can’t wait to try JetScreen himself.” #JetDads - Stuart Weston, Account Manager – Sales, London

“I have an Angel in Heaven watching over me whom I used to call ‘Daddy’. Now I have two Angels on Earth who call me ‘Daddy’! I believe men are no less than women when it comes to multitasking. I always see myself juggling between flying / training/ parenting. Though they don’t expect it, I always bring something for them when I return from an overseas trip. For me, it’s the joy to see their expressions. The best thing is, they leave small notes in my travel bag saying ‘We miss you’. The notes keep me alive throughout the journey.” #JetDads - Claver D'souza, Cabin Manager, In-flight Services.

“You can call me the ‘Ladies man’, simply for the fact that I’m surrounded by two beautiful girls, my daughters. The way I was brought up, I was always made to believe that women are more powerful. Even working at Jet Airways proved that women are the stronger sect. Today, I’m happy that I’m a father to two little girls, who are my family’s strength". #JetDads

Behram Vaid, Project Manager - Portal Management

"I’m glad Jet Airways is giving fathers like us a window to express ourselves. My twin angels feel proud that I work with Jet Airways. They’re always eager to hear my stories at work and then pass it on to their friends, in their own cute manner.” #JetDads - Parikshit Dighe, Cabin Crew, In-flight Services

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