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  Cosplay/model, nerd, geeky content enthusiast🤓 ask me about my favorite shows, movies, video games, and books! 😊

#makeupmonday with Jestina Keys over on our YouTube channel! Make my day and check it out. Maybe it'll make me feel better while I'm nursing a migraine😓

Do you love this simple makeup I'm wearing? Check out my tutorial for it on Team Ashen's YouTube channel!!!!

Have you ever wanted to see a tutorial of my makeup? WELL NOW YOU CAN😍 head over to team ashen's YouTube channel to watch my tutorial on my beast boy makeup ❤ if you like what you see, PLEASE like and subscribe if you haven't and share share SHARE and turn on notifications so you know when we post anything new😘 if you want to see more tutorials or a tutorial for a specific look, drop a comment below and let me know!!!

Target's giving me some subliminal messages😂

Dreaming of more cons😍

It's my #mcm #mce favorite human's birthday today💜 cheers to #23 🖤

Watching fireworks like 💥

Heading home from @comiconn and I had a blast! Such a fun weekend with @teamashen and I'm so thankful we were invited back this year❤💚

Shego is out here at @comiconn day 2! Come by booth 1122 for me and the rest of @teamashen 🖤💚🖤💚🖤

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