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jess!!!!!!!!  Believer, adventurer, sister & friend // Resist fear & assist love

hope everyone has a good monday <3

“i’ve never seen this before it’s new. la jolla. pretty.” -tara

(not actually from ‘98)

with father’s day approaching, my heart always gets a little heavy. my dad passed away when I was 14, so he never got to teach me how to drive, or help me through high school/college, but the most important things he ever taught me was to be brave and be courageous in everything I ever did in my life. I didn’t need to get his handwriting on me to remember him for the rest of my life, because I remember him everyday! but i got it to remind me of the lessons he always wanted me to remember.

year 19

i was scrolling through older pictures on my phone, and i found this sweet face. my dearest Mady. to know Mady is to know joy, love & compassion beyond comparison, laughing until you cry, and crying until you laugh again. she is full of grace, and i’m so blessed to have her as my bestfriend. (meet my friends pt 5..?)

thanks for letting us play in your well, Jacob

that wanderoffthetrailwherewearentsupposedtobe kind of hike today & there were no regrets

like if you think I should get new shorts #ooxx

jessi sue! you fill my life with fun adventures and fill everyday that we’re together with jams and dance parties. you make it so so easy to celebrate you. my yes girl, and my forever friend!!! thank you @imaginedragons for performing in SA solely for her birthday! #xo

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