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Jess Williams  Online Coach|Hold Your Own ICN PRO Sports Model 🏆 Nutrition | Training | Recomp Posing Coach 👯 Owner of F45 Robina

Finishing the Season with a Bang
After receiving Stephs feedback from the Rookies show 2 weeks ago - we took that feedback and implemented a plan of attack immediately - bringing in a better, tighter and lighter physique this weekend at the Miss Athletica Brisbane Classic. Being a Bigger show meant unreal competition ahead for Steph and DAM was there a tough line up!
Steph simply made that stage hers - receiving top 3 placings in all category’s and taking home 1St place in the hardest category of all - Sports Model Opens ! This moment brought a tear to my eye ( and hubbys too 😉) as this girl has worked her BUTT off for this - we made the changes required and she was rewarded with the results.
Everyone now asks the question “what are you going to eat now its all over” - Watch my story to see stephs answer to this that she posted on her story last night - prep should be as enjoyable as possible - that is our goal as a coach as well as bringing in the best package . Its not about restrictions, dangerously low calories or endless hours of cardio as this only leads to blow outs. It’s about training smarter not harder - and ensuring clients health are a priority .

Very similar to any diet / plan / shred you may be doing - if your having to cut food groups and add in endless hours of training - does this sound realistic and maintainable ? Correct ! The answer is no . Don’t start something you can stick to for life x
So proud of you steph !! #icn #icnrookies #missathletica #bodybuilding #muscle #macros #fitness #fitnessmodel #sportsmodel #mum #businessowner #superwoman

“ Cheat Meals”
I often have alot of people ask me what my favourite "Cheat Meal" is ..... And this is my answer xxx I don't have them .... Why?
I Train Hard, I Lift Heavy and I flexible Diet 👌🏽 meaning that I can include all the foods I love - every single day (yes I mean Zero restrictions 🙊) all whilst maintaining the body I’m happy with ❤️ = Winning! 🏆🏆 If it’s not sustainable ....then why bother? I might be repeating myself here - but I am sick of this yo-yo trend woman roll in and out of there whole lives 😪 leading to damaged metabolisms and plateaued bodies 😪 #stoptheyoyo #muststop #nutrition #flexibledieting #macros #tracking #iifym #coach #onlinecoach #live #life #noneedtobinge #hityourmacros #recomposer #holdyourown #girlswholift #eattofuel #strengthcoach

Happiest of Hump Days Legends! 🍑🍑
(Fair to say I’m squatting 20kg heavier and Glutes have quadrupled in size since this photo 😂) -
#gains #booty #food #squats #heavy #aintnokickbacks #humpdaycopycat #2015 #somuchmuscle #oneday #icn #icnpro #icnqld #bodybuilding

I have 3 x One on One Posing Spots available next week!!!!!! PM me to reserve your spot🙋🏼‍♀️
Photo on the left - first time ever attempting to pose 😬🙄 on the right day 🤗
Practise and fine tuning your poses to bring out the best view of your physique for the judges is critical . Not one pose fits all - do what works for you and what looks best for YOUR body x #icn #icnqld #icnworld #icnrookies #missathletica #brisbaneclassic #muscle #fitness #bodybuilding #strength #coach #macros #mealplans #recompcoach #flexibledieting #sportsmodel #fitnessmodel #bikinimodel

Please Read ❤️ this was an email from my Client yesterday who I’ve been working with since December. This amazing girl was hospitalised in 2016 with Anorexia - we have been taking small steps to get this weapon back to Health xx remember it’s not all about weight loss here - everybody has there story and their journey x so proud Of you x you know who you are

What a day ...what a line up ! Some crazy competition today at @icnqld Rookies! Coming into the show Calm and collected .... @steph.thomas_ I’m telling you now... is one of a kind and my true inspiration x Mother of 2 year old Cruz, hubby often away for work, running her own successful Fitness Studio - Then topping it off with Competition Prep ....🙀 not one complaint, nothing a problem just trusting the process. @steph.thomas_ placed in all 5 of her 5 categories today. Not just placed but owned it 😍😇
- Sports model mumma 2nd
- Sports Model Opens 5th
- Fitness Mumma 2nd
- Fitness over 30s 4th
- Fitness opens 2nd
No fries and Donuts for this focused weapon - Miss Athletica in 2 weeks - let’s get to work 👊🏼
For those interested - Steph still got her Pizza and Lindt everyday - she did NOT cut water - she did NOT do excessive cardio (in fact only 1 x 8min HIIT near the end ) . She trained 5 days per week and had plenty of Refeeds along the way. Everything today was weighed, tracked and measured (swipe right to see video at the end). Even down to be pre stage lollies. Team @holdyourown_ doing things right x #icn #icnqld #fitnessmodel #sportsmodel #fitnessmom #businessowner #mother #legend #muscle #bodybuilding #macros #fitness #fitfam

Repost from @j_will5 using @RepostRegramApp - It’s hard to believe we’ve barely been open for one year and this morning we got to host F45 mega babe and superstar @paigehathaway 😱The A TEAM 😍
@jesswilliams_coach -
#f45training #teamtraininglifechanhing #family #fitness #f45robina

Still remember this day x when Mumzy surprises you from NZ and makes an appearance at your first time ever on stage - moments after you won ☺️❤️ (then the awkward Mum moment when she’s wanted a photo with me in front of the whole Auditorium 😬😬😬#loveyoumum #bestie #bymyside #support #neverjudge #family #legend

“Physical Fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright Purchase”

Posing Workshop Gold Coast ! THIS SATURDAY !! Sports/fitness and Bikini - Last one before Rookies !! Cannot WAIT to see how your all coming in for the big day!! and as I always say - when it comes to our bodies - it comes down to hard work, time, nutrition, our coach and our bodies - but the one thing we CAN control and we can absolutely Master??? Is our posing, Our stage presence and our confidence in ourselves
PM me to RSVP ✔️ One on One Coaching Available also xx
When: Sat 21st April
Where: Hold Your Own - Burleigh heads @holdyourown_gym
Time: 8am
Cost $10 cash on the day
What to bring: Sneakers, Heels, Bikini and a whole bunch of Sass !! #icn #icnrookies #icnpro #icnbikini #fitnessmodel #sportsmodel #pose #bikini #muscle #macros #strong #sexy #muscle #bodybuilding #fatloss #transformation #progression

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