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Jess Williams  Online Coach|Hold Your Own ICN PRO Sports Model 🏆 Nutrition | Training | Recomp Posing Coach 👯 Owner of F45 Robina and myself gearing up for some Mud Covered Action the other weekend at @toughmudderaustralia - rocking the @biozetattack tees 👊🏼 #toughmudder2018 #toughmudder #biozet #run #mud #sweat #tears #strip #amateur

“Life has it ups and Downs....we call them Squats” #humpday

The old saying “surround yourself with people that inspire you” ..... well this for me is my motivation every single day - rocking up to @holdyourown_gym To see these 2 legends. 2 of the busiest, hardest working woman I have ever met - they are there at 5am getting sh*t done. Why? Because it’s a priority to them x Are they tired ? Are they freezing Cold? Can they be F⁉️ Some days of course not ! They are Human like all of us and have a 15 hour day ahead of them - But!!!!! it’s doing what needs to be done - even when we don’t want to do it . Thanks @laurraamy And @sophie_guidolin for motivating and inspiring me on the daily and showing me anything is possible x we all have someone in our lives that inspires us or we look up to ❤️#holdyourown #sexy #girlswholift #power #businesswoman #inspire #motivate #strong #noexcuses #priorities

Season B is fast approaching ! The stage is getting closer as closer !! Are you ready for it ? Posing Spots available now - Swipe right for what to expect on the Day 💋💋 #icn #icnqld #posing #fitnessmodel #sportsmodel #bodybuilding #pose #technique #muscle #girlswholift #poselikeaboss #ownthatstage

Happy Monday ! Life’s too short to be serious all the time 🤙🏼live it up, have fun, do what you love and make Monday your B*tch 👊🏼#mariocanlift

Long Post Ahead about the amazing Human x 🕺🏼
Happy Birthday to this absolute Legend ! @j_will5 Yes I’m the wife I have to say that right? .👰🏼🤷🏼‍♀️ ......Those who know John and I , know we are also the closest friends on this planet 👭 We have been side by side for close to 17 years ⏰ ....and would do anything for each other. Those who know John are aware of his addictive personality 😊and are simply drawn to him, his humour 😂, his presence 🙏🏼, his huge heart ❤️ and of course his clumsiness (or unco guy in the classes😂) 🤦🏼‍♂️.......... John for me? You are the reason I am who I hav become today - making me take a risk ⁉️, quit my job 📑 and pursue my dream 🏋🏼‍♂️ , Always seeing the positive 👍🏼 in every situation , always making me feel like super woman 🧚🏼‍♀️ and always putting a smile on my face x so I just want to thank you x it’s your birthday Mr Williams so time to appreciate you and have the best day x ❤️

“Doing what you like is Freedom......Liking what you do Happiness” #
#life #love #live #onelife #makeyouhappy #beyou #nooneelse #fit #strong #sexy #happyiness #lakers #lulu #dre #deadlift

When it’s not about fat fact the exact opposite x ❤️ #moniquesjourney #closetomyheartthegirl #loveyourself
Repost from @monique_davenport using @RepostRegramApp - This time last year I was told I would never be able to do squats, lunges, deadlifts, leg press etc again.. ~
But look at me now. ~
Stay positive things happen for a reason. ~
Treat your body with respect and it will reward you.. ❤️ ~
I wouldn’t be where I am today without my loving family & amazing coach @jesswilliams_coach from @holdyourown_gym

This amazing woman x when Injuries happen out of nowhere - and effect your training instantly 😪 just when you had been working your butt off and starting to see the rewards of it all within her body x AND just mastering those body weight chin ups....Jade injured her shoulder 😪 being devastated at first - @jade_morgan90 decided to not give up or give in (when most of us would ) and decided to change her mindset. Jade hasn’t stopped her training since the day it happened. She simply improvised and did what she could . This #getshitdone attitude along with keeping on point with her Nutrition (with slight adjustments we made to her macros) , Jade is still seeing the results she deserves xx so proud of you jade xx thanks for being amazing and showing us all that Injuries do not need to put a complete halt to our progress #Weapon #nevergiveup #getshitdone #babe #beautiful #insideandout #motivation #whatsyourexcuse #proud

Most people will read this post and question “yea but what starvation calories is this girl on ?”.......when in FACT @rosiesweetpotato has over doubled her calories and is now eating more than most men 😂. The best part ? She is STILL dropping every week AS I increase her food. As she says below is far from the enemy in regards to results 👊🏼 see my Instastory for a day of food with rosey ❤️

Repost from @rosiesweetpotato using @RepostRegramApp - Only a few kg up from comp and this is all the amazing food I’m eating today (except for dessert... there wasn’t enough space 🙈) Moral of the story is food is my friend, not the enemy 🙌🍽 @jesswilliams_coach

“Believe in the Hustle ......Not Luck”

The best part about flexible dieting ? You can run out of this and that (and Coles sell out of everything you need 🙄) ... so? You make do with what you got 👊🏼 Snack sorted 🙋🏼‍♀️🤤 and if you must know ? It’s weetbix for dinner 😂 #macros #flexibledieting #dowhatyougottado #zerorestrictions #life #nolimits #dothework #coach #enjoyable

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