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jesseca  years, lovers and glasses of wine: these are the things that should never be counted

On our very last night, we decided to splurge and stay at the Silica Hotel, located in the middle of a lava field and near the famed (and overly touristy) Blue Lagoon. Thankfully the hotel had its own private lagoon to be obnoxious in and after a week of enduring record snowstorms, driving miles throughout the countryside and chasing the Northern Lights, we made sure we'd spend our last 24 hours in the laziest, most effort-free way. I miss this so much. #laGOONIN #poolnoodle #fountainofyouth #silicahotel #iceland🇮🇸

Exploring the south coast in our matching #Iceland beanies. #friendsforever #waterfallsarecool

Crystal Beach (or Diamond Beach) is named after the icebergs that have floated towards land then broken/melted off, resembling a beach full of crystals when the sunlight hits. I saw some Asian tourists pose crouched in an iceberg like this so I insisted we do the same. ✌️#bestfriends4ever #sisterwives #jökulsárlón #iceland🇮🇸

Of all the amazing seafood and lamb that Iceland has to offer, our favorite meal was inside of an all-natural, organic and pesticide-free tomato greenhouse, two hours outside of Reykjavik. Literally surrounded by tomato plants and buzzing bees imported from Holland, we indulged in a buffet of tomato soup and freshly baked bread plus ravioli, grilled pizza and of course, bloody mary's. All of this in the middle of Iceland (of all places) and I still regret not ordering dessert. #friðheimar #goldencircle #iceland🇮🇸

I asked him if he liked Asian girls 💁🏻#icelandichorsesofinstagram #emohorse #iceland🇮🇸

Cave exploring inside a semi-active lava tube featuring dope stalactites/stalagmites formed after a couple of thousand years, as well as a couple of skeletal remains. Some crawling, rolling and lots of Asian-style squat waddling required thru super cramped spaces, even for myself. Tour group also nicknamed me "Tampon Girl," which is a wholly separate story. #damnnature #lavacave #iceland🇮🇸

If someone can teach me the secret to not looking like Mr. Potato Head in a snorkel I think this would be rather valuable information, pls & thx. #divesilfra #tectonicplates #baggedmaddudes

First order of business: Dive into 20 degree waters in our Michelin Man dry suits to swim thru North America & Europe's continental plates in what is considered the purest, clearest freshwater in the world. #squad #divesilfra #iceland🇮🇸

Gang's all here! After six months of planning and anticipation, we arrived at 4 AM, just to hop on our first tour for lava caving and snorkeling in 20 degree water. Literally running on fumes and baby naps in-between stops but loving every minute of it with these goofballs. #iceland🇮🇸 #assland #cavingmisbehaving #hardcoreparkour

Personally not a fan of brunch (don't question my New York-ness) but I can make an exception if the said-brunch is French and especially if it's @cafehenrilic. #eeeeeats #brunchnyc

Something I absolutely have to do when I travel (and something I'm generally just a sucker for) is find the city's best bookstore. Apparently, this was only the second best. 🤓 #mexicocity #romanorte #CDMX

I hesitated many times in sharing this photo because I wanted to keep my new favorite #ramen/cocktail spot all to myself and away from the forthcoming hype and 4-hour wait times. Yet, I digress and "sharing is caring," so... #rokcnyc #eeeeeats

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