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JESS LAM |  💌 moving in JAN • marrying in JULY 2019 📺 #youtube : JESS UNDECIDED 🎥 NEW on YOUTUBE👇🏼*WHAT I WORE THIS WEEK*

Fist bump for a super exciting day ahead ! 👊🏼 But maybe not with this particular fist bc it’ll hurt lol 🤦🏻‍♀️
Wearing some of my absolute faves:
🌟pinky: old grad ring
🌟ring finger:
🌟middle finger: bottom @st.eloi , top
🌟pointer finger:
🌟watch: vintage @rolex

As I continue on my journey to achieve a healthier & more conscious lifestyle in 2019, I’m also trying to grow my style even more this year! I want to stay true to my casual/comfortable look while mixing in some new shapes/trends and still feel confident in myself! 💁🏻‍♀️
So I’m super happy about how I can bring an old baggy jumpsuit into 2019 with me by mixing it with this winter’s popular turtleneck trend (which also keeps me V warm!). PLUS, I’m OBSESSED with how it looks with these VANS from #dswcanada that I’ve been eyeing for over a year now 😬!
#myshoesmyway #ad
PS. Check out @dswcanada for a REALLY SWEET GIVEAWAY! (Hint: You can win a $100 DSW Canada GIFTCARD!!).

Who’s feeling that Monday hustle ? 🙋🏻‍♀️
This week is going to be a weird one for me as we are now basically living out of boxes 📦 lol! It’s getting a little crowded in our packed up home right now...AND it’s hard to think about anything else other than actually being in our new home !! It’s going to be a quick week that’s for sure 🙊
Wearing: @uniqlocanada hat (which yes I’m obsessed with and own in 3 different colors 😬), @aritzia coat, @vince sweater, @aritzia pants, @nike sneakers, @oldceline bag

Happy Sunday cuties !
Today is a BIG packing day as it’s our last Sunday at the condo 🙈🙊 (no this isn’t our condo but it is for sale!!)
So that also means I’m going to have to try to purge some of my unused items so we start off with a clean slate in the new house 🏡
I definitely consider myself a mini hoarder bc I get emotionally attached to EVERYTHING lol so it’ll be hard!
What about you?? Are you really good at keeping only what you need/love OR are you like me !? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Over the last few years I’ve been slowly building my collection of skirts and dresses... I have NEVER been someone who would choose a dress over pants, but every so often a skirt or dress “speaks to me” and so that’s why on the far left hand side of my closet there lives a little section of hardly worn pieces 🙊
Does anyone else have a lil lonely section of their closet they don’t really look at too?
And this is why one of my #2019resolutions is to wear more of the pieces I already own!! Especially to experiment more with my skirts & dresses 🤗
And as I start to pack up my clothes, I’m definitely asking myself “does this piece bring me joy??” - so yes, thanks @mariekondo for helping me tidy up my overstuffed wardrobe.
I will be using this same mentality when I shop for new pieces too bc I find the pieces I’ve held onto for yearsss are always the ones that gave me this initial happy spark when I saw it online, or in store, or wore it for the first time 🥰 !

I let life get the better of my in 2018 & really let my nutritional priorities take a back seat. In 2019 I’m ready to fix that and eat more mindfully with @abbeykitchen ‘s #TheMindfulGlowCookBook !! Which is on sale now !! #ad🍴
It’s filled with the most mouthwatering recipes that are healthy and nourishing, but also packed with flavour !
🌟My favourite so far is the Charred Broccolli, Quinoa, and Hazelnut Crunch Salad 🥦🥰🌟
Who wants to join me on my quest for more mindful eating in 2019??? 🥳

Got a lot of questions about this soup the other day, so I’m going to ask my mom to teach me how to make it so I can show you 😋
You can also catch my new DAILY VLOG on #YouTube now and see this soup all up close & personal 🤤 AND learn about my new 🌟SECRET🌟 on how to get that glowy skin 🤩
One of my goals this year is to become a better cook 👩🏻‍🍳 !
What’s in the soup: (that I know of lol)
- pork based broth with pork chunks left in to eat too 🍖
- Chinese squash🍠
- carrots 🥕
- old @zara jumpsuit
- suuuper old @converse
- @uniqlocanada hat

Found this jumpsuit that I thought I had lost forever while packing up our locker the other day 🥳!!
Never taking my eyes off it again 👀

This outfit and a lot more on my new WHAT I WORE THIS WEEK video 👉🏼 now LIVE 🌟!!
I’ll be talking more about my jewelry this year too so hopefully that answers more of your questions 😘
I’ve also linked corresponding pictures for each outfit on my BLOG as requested w. shoppable links 🤗 hope you like the new format !!

I always (unless I’m running reaaaally late) start my morning off with a hot cup of coffee or an Americano ☕️
What’s your go-to morning drink ?

Happy Sunday!! It’s a layering day for me!! Brrrr 🥶
Just finished my first shoot of 2019 and super excited for next week when things are officially back to regular scheduled programming lol 🥳 ( I needed a good reset last week! It helped so much 💪🏼)
Make sure to subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel btw !! There’s a lot of fun stuff coming up!!

You all voted + you wanted to see more jewelry posts so here we go !
Necklaces from top to bottom:💁🏻‍♀️
Travis’ old chain
@st.eloi chain + spinner charm
Pointer finger:
Middle finger: @st.eloi
Ring finger:

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