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Gettin’ while the gettin’s good. Two more crabs, two miles from home. 🦀

Crab, round 2. Newspaper courtesy of 2007. #crabtastic

A day’s work.

Result of the first full week of intensive therapy at @rehabwithoutwalls: crime scene kid, immobile for far longer than usual. #cerebralpalsy #rehabwithoutwalls

Hive mind (or, the portion of which bakes scones, loves @marvel, and saw #infinitywar): We have committed to making “infinity scones” in six colors. How do I make them oval gem-shaped? I can punch out ovals and put them in the oven a little warm so they slope, but is there a way to cut facets? Please and thank you. #cookiethrowdown #rehabwithoutwalls #thethingswedoforourkids

Here we go again: three weeks of physical therapy for G at @rehabwithoutwalls , four hours each day. Motivated by Starbursts and a point system convertible to LEGO dollars. #cerebralpalsy #briberyworks

My parents, in a nutshell.

Two hours driving + two hours walking gets you here from Seattle. #americathebeautiful

Watermelon with tajin and pop rocks: adults loved it, kid spit it out. Should have eaten pop rocks when he was in utero.

Excited to be taking part in the bake sale at @booklarder to benefit @raicestexas. Come show your support at 10 a.m. tomorrow! I’m donating some delicious @chefreneeerickson zucchini bread.

Upping our roasted toast game with milk bread. #summerwin

Can anyone point me to a recipe for nocino they’ve tried (and liked)?

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