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Family nap time and everyone loves my new @myblanquil weighted blanket! It’s soft for (farrow) and the weight has honestly kept me sleeping more (minus the 4 bathroom breaks a night😂) it’s honestly my new can’t live without product use code jess20 for 20% off at

Can’t believe this journey is almost 6 months over.. (turn 6 months in about week and half told y’all I got bigger at night ha) crazy to think that she will be here exactly around the time we got told we had a 1% chance.. crazy how things work out.. today we started painting her room and literally teared up yesterday because I have wanted so long to make our baby a room.. it’s the little things.. bracelets @foreverleycollections : dress is linked just download like to know it all and screenshot! #liketkit #LTKbump Screenshot this pic to get shoppable product details with the app #22weekspregnant #bumpstyle #ivfsuccess

As you all know we went through ivf to get our miracle baby. However, before that we were tryin and tracking. We used the @avawomen bracelet for a couple months as it was the most stress free option for me.. after months of not getting pregnant we went to the doctor to find out ivf was our only option to have a baby. Ava was great as it gave me more info than just when to try to conceive, and although it doesn’t cure infertility it helped me notice that something might be wrong when we weren’t getting pregnant. I teamed up with Ava during National Infertility Awareness Week to help bring awareness to any that might need it!  I love that they support this cause and help women get in tune with their bodies and possibly help them realize to seek medical attention to get their baby. If you want to try out Ava for yourself, use my code JSOUTHERN for $20 off at #avawomen #avabracelet #flipthescript #ivf #endometriosis

Happy bday to friend aka @kroesnews I hope you have the best bday and try and do fun things without me haha I’m your almond joy.. I can’t believe we have been friends for so long and who would have thought it all started with “so who does your color” in a movie theatre on a friend blind date 😂 love you to death and hope to see you soon!! Have bunches of cake, Leo and edward!!!

There is nothing better than getting fresh food delivered to your house... actually there is.. fresh food and delicious recipes!! I’ve used @blueapron for couple months and it’s soooo good .. my first meal I ever made I actually said “wow this is delicious and so easy” I don’t know about you guys but this to me beats ordering unhealthy food and having to think about what to make for dinner, especially when we are so busy! To try out yours and get $25 off first and second delivery follow the link (will put in bio) and you won’t regret it! #blueapron #partner

There is nothing better than a custom sweatshirt from my girls @beausbabes .. because it’s almost #infertilityawareness week (April 22-28th)!! I wanted to show you the one I made!! I chose to do #ivf babe sweatshirt! I wanted to have something that meant a lot to me and this does! I’m gonna do story so if y’all want one I’ll show you how easy it is! I love this one as much as my “jess” one! But you can put anything on the sweatshirt that you want which is awesome… My girl @beaudunn gave me a code to share JESSBABES For 20% off !

P.s Nutella was ivf craving haha and still is and always has been

So many of y’all ask me about self tanner and I have replied to those that ask that I use @tanceuticals self tanner! Its soo good and look how naturally dark it has me looking?! Here’s a little before/after for you guys! Right leg is before, left is after.  This is totally safe (yes for pregnancy)and so easy to use. I moisturize my feet and then buff in my hands and feet with a kabuki brush!! Tanceuticals is my easy go to this time of year, get 10% with my code JS10 !!

Tease it Tuesday.. still one of my fav hairstyles ever!! I had 10lbs of hair in and it was massive! @marissa.marino killed this hair!!!

Happy 30th to my bestie @jessiejamesdecker .I am so proud of what you have accomplished! Most of all being an amazing mom! There are so many fun times we have had so I wanted to share and end it with the one where no matter where we are or what age I know you will always be down to give a little peep or mooning just because.. why not 😂😂 love you so much.. and since Eric gave it away I’ll see you in hour 🤦🏼‍♀️ let’s 🎉 👯

Last night I showed you my @timeless_organics_skin_care glow moisturizer and y’all loved it! So I wanted to share why I love his brand! It’s affordable, #vegan, and #leapingbunnycertified .. I try all skincare and it’s hard to find something affordable that actually works and that I love.. well here is the brand!! My favs are the coq10 , eye serum, glow and wrinkle serum!! I love that I have #partnered up with them!! Use code JESS20 for 20% off entire site!!

Happy birthday to my cousin @callmeashley88 !!! I hope you have the most wonderful bday that you deserve! And can’t believe this year you are gonna be a mom to a little boy aka your hiking buddy!! Love you so much and don’t worry I’m still trying to book myself for work when you want to do tha Disney race in 2 years so I don’t have to go 😂 any takers? Lol jk can’t wait to see you in couple months!! Love you and eat lots of cake!!

Had so much fun today with the bucs cheerleaders!! And met so many amazing people!!! And this week I’ll be #5monthspregnant and everyone was right this is when you start to “puff” a little lol my wedding band is officially having to retire ... it’s to hard getting on and off! Thanks to @tbattiato for having me!

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