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jess ryan  📍 philly via denver ✨ seeking beauty, cultivating loving kindness, building a life worth living 📷 more phl pics: @denverdelphia

• a fine evening for some Rockies baseball! •

• sweet dreams til sunbeams find you •

• after the storm •

lol • I'm pretty sure these were here for a good reason... but when I came across them, I couldn't help but think about the time @ariel_kirkwood and I stumbled upon a Parisian bench, in the middle of the night, with dozens of baguettes covering it and its environs 😅

hmm • well, I've definitely got the first part down...

yaaaas • the ipsy gods have truly blessed me on this day - look at that LISA FRANK brush!!

• spring fever in full swing •

erin go bragh • part of why I love this city is that it's full of small, unexpected reminders of all the things that make me who I am.

after the storm • I'm still sick and still exhausted and still pretty bummed out about job hunting and still overwhelmingly distraught about the state of the universe. but these were waiting for me after trudging home from the doctor in the rain/having to go to three pharmacies until I found one that takes my insurance... so I guess there are still some really beautiful things in the world

• beauty on a dreary day •

flâneuse • spent a few hours this morning wandering around town, appreciating the little things and enjoying the warm weather.

• so much to explore in this city •

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