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jess ryan  DNVR • CO seeking beauty, cultivating loving kindness, building a life worth living.

cat's out of the bag • guys, I'm moving to philadelphia! I'm so excited for this next chapter of my life - and I've got so much to do! first up: get a job. If you've got any community/content/marketing contacts in PHL I'd love an intro.

• speaks for itself •

unforgettable • had a blast making memories in philly this past week. can't wait to do it again!

nom • poor food choices, brought to me by peer pressure from pretty much all y'all

werk • lovely first day in philly, despite the rain.

tradition • my grandma loves decorating her tree every year. I love documenting it.

lovely • I have really talented friends, and sometimes they make me absolutely gorgeous christmas cards by hand!

surprise getaway • had a wonderful weekend with this guy. so great to eat amazing food, catch the sunrise and spend time with friends together.

tis the season • my home is decorated, my ugly-cute sweater is prepped, I'm stocked up on tea and hot cocoa. let's do this, christmas.

kusama • a truly magical experience. no line, no time limit... just a few minutes spent alone with the fireflies.

• thanksgiving in the desert •