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Jess Rabearisoa  too awkward to function without Jesus • 1 Cor. 10:31

For somebody who has a bad hair day everyday, I doubt that this applies to me. Or does it? Yikes.

"Life is art. Art is life. I never separate it." -- Ai Wei Wei

"I'm fine. I'm great. It's a big, fat, happy sunshine day for me." (*no sarcasm intended.*) bc this gazebo gave me a little taste of Stars Hollow and let's just say I was b a s k i n g in it. Even though it was about, I don't know, a thousand degrees outside. Not that I checked. But my assumptions are usually spot-on so there's no need.

"This tastes as delicious as Beyoncè smells...I'm guessing." -- Tom Haverford

I am straw berry sorry if the placement of this chocolate-covered fruit is making you cringe. Or hungry. Either way, no offense to those people. Bc history has shown that saying "no offense" automatically prevents people from being offended. Right? At least that's what I've heard.

oh, what a night.
Sundays do not get any better than when Chance The Rapper sings that Jesus is all we got in front of 20,000 people. Usually I don't like people telling me what to do, but when Chance The Rapper tells you to be encouraged, you will be whether you like it or not.
Also, shoutout to the other incredible acts who performed with him. The trumpet player, the keyboardist, the percussionist, and the choir of vocals all got a girl who doesn't like to clap applauding like someone trying to pull apart two magnets. And that's quite an honor if I've ever heard of one.

I came. I saw. I conquered. Until next summer, folks.
BREAKING NEWS: Be sure to catch me on the cover of next month's issue of @golfdigest finally getting the recognition I deserve for annually scoring a hole-in-one on the course. Just joking! The real shoutout goes not only to God but to Jesus for directing the wind to knock my ball into the hole after just two shots. #GodDidIt #GodGolfs

Disclaimer: If me being on a magazine cover sounds too good to be true, that's because it is. BAM. I fooled ya so good, didn't I?

this is one spoiler that you're definitely going to want to hear, (you'll see). ************************
happy resurrection day, folks !!!
how rad is it that the greatest story ever told is still being celebrated today ?!?! ---
Christ is risen !!! It is finished !!! He has defeated sin & death !!!
but wait, THERE'S MORE:
His story DOES NOT END there! The SAVIOR & KING of the world is coming back again to bring His people to paradise where they can hang out with Him forever! ((can u say relationship goals ???))
call 1-800-JESUS to talk to the greatest of all time !!
jk, that isn't His number. just send Him a prayer. (it's toll-free!)

meet the siblings:
brandon - the one who never stops brothering me & the only boy I know who can rock a bowl cut
andrea - the "star" of the family & the one who consistently reminds me of every awkward/embarrassing moment I've ever had while sisters the pot with her sass ---
((YIKES. I can officially add this caption to my list of moments bc even I cringed while reading those puns aloud. My condolences to those who have just read this and were expecting good humor.))

"You shine brighter than any star in the sky
Your light shining through the dark of the night
Jesus, forever I find all that I am in Your" _____________________________________________

TRUTH: Although these lights are cool and aesthetically pleasing, there is a Savior who is worthy of all praise that not only looks good from a distance, but IS good in nature and personal relationship. He is the light of the world who offers everyone "the real deal" unlike these artificial lights which lose their wonder after five minutes. Now that Passover season is here, there is no better time than NOW to make your eternal future brighter than the world's best camera lighting. GET EDUCATED ABOUT EASTER !! albright, albright, albright. monologue over.

*sighs dramatically*
During my second semester of college, I have been feeling a lot like this little bug. Day by day, I have felt like a helpless creature lying on its back, trying to get back on its feet while also accepting a mindset of defeat and fear before even beginning. In the words of Cher Horowitz, "I was like totally buggin'." But there is something so comforting and beautiful in knowing that when we're feeling down and out, Jesus is eager and willing to carry our burdens for us. How great is our God that His mercies are new every morning!
p.s. sorry not sorry if this grosses you out bc God created bugs and also if my joke didn't make you laugh.

throwback to just two weekends ago when I went to the gym for the first time since living in Lynchburg. @andrearabearisoa made me do it. First, I was afraid. I was petrified. But it's all good. I survived. I stayed alive. Thanks for your concern. Be sure to tune in next year for another annual workout post!
*A word of advice: Run FASTER & FARTHER for JESUS than you would for a "beach bod" bc His reward is so much GREATER & more ETERNAL than outward appearances.
But also, keep running if you like that sorta thing. I mean, it's not like I can stop you. Bc while you'll be running, I'll be walking. Briskly, might I add, but probably still not fast enough to grab ahold of your legs.
Anyways, running can be a good idea sometimes. Especially if you're being chased by a stranger. Or a bear. But hey, your choice. I can't tell you what to do.

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