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  On a journey to getting fit, healthy, and happy!! 💪🌟💚😃 Married to my best friend and soul mate. No kids but a Schnoodle + 2 cats. Jesus is my all

Hoping and praying this ends my cyst problem!!

Best breakfast and so easy! I just mix it with vanilla unsweetened almond milk and a drizzle of agave! Nom nom! #cleaneating #health #healthy #food #yummy #nom #healthfood #cleaneats #superfoods #chia #breakfast

Snacking on:
Low fat popcorn
Broccoli & a little ranch
#health #fitness #gettinghealthy #gettingfit #journey #healthy #snack #healthyfood #cleaneating

Kale chips! First time to make them and now that I know how easy they are I will be making them again! #health #healthy #food #healthfood #healthyfood #kale

Was watching some great spooky tv in honor of Halloween (my fave holiday) and decided to run around the room to get some activity in. Running a mile back and forth in a room counts as incredibly dorky right?

Took a 5 mile walk with the hubbs! Feelin good!

Nommy snack! 😸

Ok I know it doesn't look like much but I believe every bit if activity counts! I downloaded this app called Argus which tracks the steps you take throughout the day via your phone! Uber cool. This is my summary from yesterday. Like I said, walking 4 miles isn't much but it's nothing to shake a stick at! #fitness #health #healthy #fit #active #getactive #gettingactive #gettingfit #workout #workingout

Qia breakfast cereal anyone? Mmmmm! I know I've been gone for a while. Honestly it's hard to document fitness/health when I'm on the mend for my cyst. It's been about 6weeks now which means I should be able to start weight training again. In order to stay active I've been walking a TON. Honestly guys, it's been so encouraging to see that when seeking a general fit/healthy lifestyle, things don't have to be perfect. Stating active throughout the day, making healthy choices in food and enjoying certain foods in moderation, and maintaining a positive perspective are the building blocks of that healthy lifestyle. Sure I wish I could eat absolutely perfect 24/7. Sure I wish I could be on 20 organic supplements. Sure I wish I could be perfectly on top of my exercises. But life isn't perfect and neither am I! I'm happy to be moving forward! Have a happy Wednesday!!

Another ovarian cyst. I'm sick of this. 😡 #gettinghealthy #gettingfit #healthprobs #ovariancyst #forcedrest #notfeelingwell

Haha this is a pic of me before my workout from yesterday. I promise I wasn't wearing sunglasses in a sad attempt to be cool. I had to get my eyes checked and they dilated them so sunglasses it was. My frustration isn't because of that though. It's because I have ANOTHER ovarian cyst. Gosh this is ridiculous. I am not gonna sit it out completely this time though. I decided to just do very light workouts for the next several weeks. Every time I've had this problem I've taken the recommended 6weeks rest. It has really thrown my progress though which is massively upsetting. I don't want to myself at risk but I also want to find a way to safely stay active and continue I make progress. Ab workouts for instance are gonna have to really calm down for now. Also squats will be laid off for now. Irritating yes, but I'm just gonna have to protect my abdomen. I'm not going to stop my upper body though and I'm trying to get creative with leg/glutes/abs etc. Mostly, I just want to stop having this problem. Praying my problem ovary gets better entirely in order to avoid surgery for removal. That would SUCK. Trying to stay positive and optimistic now! Happy weekend y'all!! Yay!! #workingout #workout #exercise #exercising #fitness #gettingfit #gym #health #gettinghealthy #healthy #stayingactive #gettingactive

My delicious dinner tonight: vegan sushi! Nom! I'm not eating a purely vegan right now, although I do believe its probably one of the healthiest ways to eat out there! I eat an 80% vegetarian diet and try to make a bunch of that food vegan but not always. I eat meat every once in a while. I know eating meat and products are basically the same in terms of non-vegan but meat doesn't sit well with me all the time and well, cheese does. Ha. So I just eat cheese more often than I do meat. I'm working to get protein via almonds, almond milk, nut butters, whey protein and rice protein powders, and lastly small amounts of cheese. I hope to one day be eating an entirely raw vegan diet. Don't know if or when I will get there but I'm focusing on lifestyle and habit changes and growth. Just over a year ago I lived on pizza, spaghetti, desserts and diet cokes! I'd say I've come a long way! Let's be grateful and celebrate the changes we have made and not beat ourselves up for not being perfect! Happy weekend y'all! #cleaneating #cleaneats #eatclean #eatingclean #health #healthy #fitness #gettingfit #vegan #veganmeal #sushi #veggies #changing #growing #changes #growth #workingout #exercising

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