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Jess Kaufman Health Coach  I Transform People’s Lifestyles Through: 🍎 Sustainable Nutrition 📊 Results Driven Training 📓Educational Tools & Empowerment ⬇️Apply to work with me

How does online coaching work? Let me tell you how mine works.

You have lots health & fitness goals so you hire me.

I interrogate you to the point of understanding EVERYTHING about you 😜your current lifestyle, mindset, previous efforts, future desires, goals, etc. This allows me to pin point your personal areas that need improvement or adjustment.

I make you a personalized training (fitness) plan that is tailored to your current level of fitness, previous experience, and what kind of workout equipment you have access too.
So yes this means if you only have dumbbells at home we can work with that.

Or if you’re a seasoned workoutaholic but your progress has flatlined————— I can help with that too 😘 basically we take you from where are at RIGHT NOW and INTELLIGENTLY progress you to where you want to be.

Nutrition is a must and works the same away. We choose an approach that is most sustainable for your goals and lifestyle at this time - & progressively optimize that.

The key with nutrition is also meeting yourself where you’re at, learning the foundations, and building on them.

There’s lots of different methods to do this- but you are going to LEARN to eat to support your goals and health- whether that be tracking or intuitive depends on the person.

And if you want to be successful and make lifelong changes you know we’re going to be changing your lifestyle and implementing new habits & routines too 😏 because in order to get to new places and have a healthier life- things have to change 😎 but in a good way.

This may all sound overwhelming, but that’s why you hired me. I’m guiding you through the WHOLE process, I’m your outside source to make sure you’re putting your effort in the right places, answer your questions ( that you will have), and give you a very actionable plan.

Each week you check in with me, & we hop on a call, goal set, troubleshoot, educate, & problem solve.

You just have to show up & do the work.

It’s pretty much the best job ever, in case you were wondering 😏

Woke up in a weird headspace, so I rolled out of bed, made some green juice, and went on walk. And I wanted to share how I approach my mental health nowadays & why you should listen to your body.
Raw unedited talk, bed head included 😏


There’s a difference between being “adaptable” when life comes up and bargaining with excuses.

How many “WELL I’ll just go this weekend” turn into nevers? How many “I’ll just order pizza now & get back on track tomorrow”s turn into another week gone 👋 you tell yourself it’s cool, there’s always tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes and you get the overwhelmed feeling that’s comes when you break trust with yourself. The guilt, the shame, etc.

SO you are back at it, go to the gym, drink your water- and it FEELS good again, the negativity hangover wears off. Then the bargaining voice is BACK, and you listen.

Cycle repeats a million times.

Sounds familiar, right? It’s okay.

Few things I want to say about this cycle ^ because it’s so common.

1- This is why self-awareness is HUGE you need to be able to distinguish the difference between temporary wants & excuses & what YOU REALLY want - aka your WHY- in order to get through these moments.

2- THIS is where the importance of proper behavior change and building new habits come in- there’s a science to getting things to be your new “norm” or habitual.

Your current lifestyle, the one that offers all the opportunities for bargaining away your health, that DOESN’T have to be your reality.

3- Forgive yourself but hold yourself accountable. IT HAPPENS- but whether you use that event to grow or shame yourself is in your hands.

Idk if you guys can tell, but I’m so passionate about getting people to realize all those goals you have, THEY ARE ACHIEVABLE.

They’re literally just sitting on the other side of you and your bargaining with yourself to start tomorrow 😉

No flex. No filter. 148# of Jess.

Thought I’d update you guys on my personal fitnessing.

I just went through a mild gain/reverse diet stage. It served its purpose in increasing my metabolism and giving me some muscle gains.

Now I’m 2 weeks into my leaning out phase so I can shed away fat (not saying I’m fat) layers to see more definition. My goal is to sit at 138 as my new standard.

Your weight and metabolism can set to a new norm or comfort point- and that’s what I’m aiming for.

My goal each week is -1 to -2 lbs. This is healthy, this is normal.

Slow fat loss is the way to go IMO... at least if you wanna keep it off.

A lot of people restrict to the point of losing 5-10lbs fast, but then they gain it all back when they decide to eat normal amounts again.

I’m eating at an amount that is very sustainable, VERY filling, and allows for flexibility & life.

Of course ya’ll know I’m still team optimal nutrition 90% of the time- but yes even I like to enjoy a social event or a baked good or two - occasionally.

The benefit of slow and steady is making continual progress.

For example since this is sustainable I don’t have any worry of the yo-yo or losing 10lbs, and gaining 5lbs, then losing 7lbs, and gaining 5lbs.

Like sure, you still lost 7lbs(who’s gonna check my math?), but it’s likely your body is confused and that Yo-yo messed with your mindset and mental game.

Setting a goal & plan to lose 1-2lbs a week, I KNOW that no matter what I’m going to be at least -10lbs in 10 weeks. Like no questions asked.

I don’t have to BATTLE myself or the scale.

I have the energy and will power to stay on plan because I’m not restricting or depriving myself.

Motivation is consistent because my goals are manageable and realistic- so I crush them.

I don’t damage my self-efficacy in the process.

Best of all, once I get to my goal weight- I’m not eating ‘so little’ that once I actually eat a sustainable amount of food that I gain back all the weight I shed.

HOW many times have you gone ALL out, saw GREAT results... but now you’re back where you started or worse? This is why sustainability matters.

Slow and steady 😈 stay tuned.

GRIND w/o the LIGHT.

In the scheme of things I’ve started from a deeper hole 🕳 than most can even imagine.

I remember reading stuff that was like “just believe in yourself” and thinking how in the hell am I supposed to believe when the odds are so heavily stacked against me? I had set the bar low for myself.

It’s hard to believe in a place where there are more good days than bad when you’ve never been there before.

It’s hard to make healthy changes when resources are low.

It’s hard to fall down and get back up SO many damn times and still believe you’re capable.

I had a friend tell me the other day that I had the most ambition, dreams, and drive than all of our old group of friends- which was a huge shift because past Jess honestly would have been voted “least likely” to succeed.

So how did I shift so drastically? Little by little.

Lesson by lesson.

By failing, and getting my ass back up. And repeating that 💯 x over.

What they don’t tell you is that if you are starting from a dark spot, you’re going to have to do a lot of grind with little to no reward.

If you have buried yourself deep down. If you’re at rock bottom, you’ve got a lot of climbing to see the light.

This is not to discourage you. It’s to say KEEP GOING. Get back up a thousand and one times until you get a taste of that light. Because once you get there it all starts to click.

You start to understand all the cliche phrases and mindset memes. You start to feel GOOD.

It’s worth the grind. It’s the worth the days without light.

I wish I could time travel to the me who was working so hard but telling myself I have no idea what for.

I honestly don’t know what kept me going beyond having a little one that I wanted to give something more to.

If I could go back and tell myself it DOES PAY OFF. You are closer to better days. It would have made me get back up a hell of a lot faster.

But since I can’t time travel, this is me, telling you- IT PAYS OFF- keep working even if it doesn’t feel like you’re getting anywhere right now.

One day you’ll look back and not be able to recognize who you once were. It’s possible, just takes a lot of getting back up.


You may think you’re cursed with a slow one.

However the truth of the matter is most of us do not live a lifestyle that supports a healthy metabolism.

1- we spend most of our time NOT moving.

2- we use products and medications that affect our body’s natural processes - not my opinion- just an unpopular truth.

3- we spend more time indoors than outdoors.

4- our sleep cycles are messed up due to artificial light.

5- we do not manage our stress and live in HIGH stress zones majority of the time.

6- we yo/yo & fad diet & don’t listen to our hunger cues.

7- we are always temperature regulated.

These are just SOME reasons we are a society of SLOW metabolisms. Do not stress though.

If you look at this list, you can see these are ALL manageable things.

1- start going on walks after meals- yes on your lunch break too.

2- limit your use of non-natural products & only take medications when you REALLY need it... be honest with yourself about when that is.

3- go outside for at least 30 minutes everyday (this will also help with sleep) no excuses. This one is a non-negotiable for me now.

4- when the sun goes down start to limit your exposure to artificial light. Blue blocker glasses help.

5- implement mindset and stress management practices. You can’t be reacting to life ALL the time and be in optimal health. This matters.

6- eat within your needs. Find a way that’s a lifestyle not just a restriction until you meet your goals. Your metabolism 🔥 will thank you for consistency.

7- it’s good to be hot and cold sometimes. That external stressor builds resilience and strong metabolisms 💪 this is why I’ve implemented cold showers... no I don’t enjoy them haha.

Just remember you have CONTROL, even if your metabolism is slow right now, that does not have to be your forever reality :)

My face when a client notices their physical transformations for the first time.

Jessica I have a butt!!” -client.

I was touching my leg and found a lump, I was freaked out, turns out it was my quad 🤩” - client.

I fit in pants I haven’t fit in for years.”-client.

My family kept saying how good I looked.”-client.

And those are not even scale wins ^- these are from clients who THE SCALE has barely moved for, even when they had noticeable transformations...scale doesn’t always move with those.

I also have some clients who the scale does move for because their context is different.

I have a handful down around 10lbs.

I have two down about 15lbs.

I have one down 25lbs.

And I’ll tell you one thing about all of them ^ that wasn’t overnight weight loss. Because our goal is to keep it off.

So we’re literally building their lifestyle around their goals on top of changing their fitness and nutrition.

Takes time.

I honestly don’t talk about the physical transformations as much because it feels like just a sales tactic to try to get people to work with you- which I get- but I’m trying to use this space to provide value to help you make changes.

However I just want you know if you do the work the right way, and have some patience, physical transformation IS part of the package.

I just want to always promote doing it in a way that supports your lifestyle & health so you can KEEP those physical transformations you worked so hard for.

Takes time.

Patience & consistency are going to get you the results you wish to see.

You can be trying for a month and still not see physical results- especially if you haven’t been particularly healthy in awhile.

This is for many reasons.

1) most people’s consistency is on and off in the first couples months until they really build that SKILL- yes consistency is a skill.

2) you could still be “fine tuning” through your changes- as in maybe you’re portion sizes are still a little off- maybe you are still learning how to navigate social events- maybe you’re still not sleeping enough or managing your stress optimally. This stuff takes time to fine tune.

3) you are under the impression because you have some good days the bad days don’t effect you as much (not saying some flexibility shouldn’t be allowed- but many people get too flexible and lie to themselves) and that could be hindering your results. You have to start have majority of good days sprinkled with the occasional flexibility.

4) Some changes you just can’t physically see for awhile.

5) You could also be doing awesome but your body is still adapting.

6) we like to be harder on ourselves which hinders our ability to see our progress.

This is where having faith in the process is key. If you can keep fine tuning, stay consistent, and be patient IT WILL PAY OFF.

When we get impatient and frustrated this is when we tend to give up, back track, binge, etc.

The hard part about seeing this is when people give up or in- it’s usually RIGHT before they’re about to see some results, they were just about to push through that threshold.

We live in an instant gratification society. We want QUICK results. But you are literally destroying and creating tissues in your body- that stuff doesn’t happen over night.

If you can push through the ‘no results’ phase and keep ‘blindly’ working on improving while trusting the process you WILL see results.

Patience + Consistency = Perseverance.

There’s a lot of work to be done. Don’t overwhelm yourself by giving your body unrealistic deadlines.

I plan everything but I just can’t follow through.

I have heard this so many times. It’s likely you’ve done it. You PLAN everything out, you are EXCITED and READY to go- but when you get a couple days in you fall off- maybe you don’t even make it a couple days.

So you have a bunch of uneaten healthy foods in the fridge- your google calendar reminder gym goes off, but you’re not there. BUT FOR THE LIFE OF YOU, you don’t know WHY you just CAN’T.

It’s extremely frustrating.

You might be thinking you just don’t have the RIGHT PLAN. But here’s the thing… it has nothing to do with the plan. It’s YOU.

We preach METHODS and goal setting as primary ways to success with fitness and nutrition and neglect MINDSET.

AND THE FUNNY THING IS, is majority of peoples problem isn’t that they don’t know that they need to eat more vegetables, workout more, or goal set…. It’s that they can’t implement these things consistently because they have a negative mindset.

There’s a lot that goes into making successful changes, and progress in not linear. Having the information is only a portion of the process.
The problem isn’t you don’t have the right plan. It’s that you don’t have the right mindset.

Most of you know this already. You’re reading this saying “yep that’s me” but you still don’t know what to do about it. I get that, I really do- and mindset shifts are easier said than done.

So here is two ways you can prep and prime your brain to become more pliable and open to mindset shifts.

1- Start working on your self awareness. This is a HUGE tool in changing mindset, because without being aware of something, you cannot change it. Figure out what drains your energy, and what gives you energy. Ask yourself questions… get to know what you really like, who you really are. What are your strong points? What are your weak points? Get to KNOW YOURSELF.

2- Self care. I’m not talking taking yourself on shopping trip or treating yourself to doughnuts. I’m talking taking time to BE STILL and PRESENT with yourself. Meditation, journalling, doing activities that make you FEEL GOOD (mines creating new recipes)... finding things that GIVE back to you and how you feel and DOING THEM.


All you have to do is master this moment.

Think about that.

If you do your best RIGHT NOW, the rest will fall into place.

We get SO caught up in future future future FUTURE- we feel RUSHED and totally neglect the present moment.

The future is going to be a whole lot better if you are present RIGHT NOW.

It’s SO easy to say later and neglect right now, when right now is really all we have.

Stop overwhelming yourself with what’s to come, and master this moment.

If you become present and intentional in your now, I can promise you change will happen.

If you remove yourself from the rat race, you will see it’s actually just a bunch of rushed people who are at a stand still.

Progress doesn’t occur from what you do tomorrow- where you will be tomorrow is directly related to what you do now.

Release your worry about tomorrow. Take control of your present moment.

It can be that simple. You just have to act now.

Just because you tied your shoes once, doesn’t mean they’re going to stay tied.

Mmmm, I love a good analogy.

We learn to tie our shoes. Then we keep tying them. That’s how they stay tied.

This is the same concept that applies to ALL things. Once you learn something you have to keep applying.

You can’t be upset that your shoes are coming untied. It’s not your shoes fault.

If you let go of the things you’ve learned, your old problems will come back or you will be taken back to the place you worked so hard to move forward from.

It’s easy to feel frustrated in these moments. But my advice would be to bend over and ties your shoes.

You know what you need to do- so keep doing it- and when an old lesson reoccurs -remember you know what to do.

My client thanked me yesterday for adapting her workouts to meet her where’s she’s at right now.

She told me “I really liked my old trainer, but she just kept having me do things I really couldn’t do and that’s honestly why I stopped coming, so I really like working with you because I can actually do these workouts.” What.

The thing is she was being prescribed workouts she physically/biomechanically COULD NOT DO 🤯. And this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this.

If I make a workout so hard and frustrating, that maybe you’re sweating and struggling hardcore, but your confidence is poo when you leave because you’re unable to hardly even do the workout- not only would I be putting you at a risk for injury- but then you’re way less likely to want to workout ever again.

Should you be working hard? Yes.

BUT there are steps to getting to more advance styles of training. WHY ARE WE SKIPPING THESE!? Less is more most of the time.

You CAN make progress without immediately jumping into more advance styles of training or even without being in the gym 5 days a week in the beginning.It’s about progression.

A lot of trainers will give workouts based on what they can do, completely neglecting the fact that the general public do not start there.

This is wrong. Not even for just sustaining behavior change, but also for proper physical adaptations.

It’s no wonder adherence is so low 🙄🙄 instead of building up people they are starting at maximum capacity. There’s a literal science behind progressively adapting your body- and this is not the way.

If you haven’t been consistently active in months you shouldn’t be starting back at 5 times a week or back squatting yet 🐸 🍵 - yes even if you’ve done it before.

As a coach it’s my goal to get you to your goals, but part of doing that is giving you a realistic plan, and PROGRESSING you safely to them.

It may not be the COOLEST way- but at least down the road you’ll still be going at it strong and you won’t be that person who got hurt working out and now doesn’t workout anymore because they injured themselves 😬. Train smarter, not harder.

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