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Jess Tran  An Aussie girl in NYC really into my dog, deadlifting and vintage shopping / Comms @exoprotein

I've seen five pairs of bare legs on the street today. Spring has officially sprung y'all. 👏

Stoked to partner with @Origins on their #MyPerfectWorld campaign! It's all about what makes an ideal world (although we're all probably far from it, it helps to at least have your skin living in it). I'll be posting more soon, stay tuned! #OriginsTribe

Last day with grey/blue/green hair 😥 can't wait to fix this mess up tomorrow

My friends make fun of me because I have a spreadsheet I send around with all the gigs I have lined up. It sounds OCD af but I need it due to sheer volume - last summer I saw 22 artists over the course of 4 months. Winter hasn't even ended and I've already got 17 to look forward to. Living in NY and having access to crazy fucking talented artists on tour for $15 a pop makes me one lucky gal. Tonight, @hannahhetzer and I went to see @frenchkiwijuice with 0 expectations and came out mind blown (the dude plays a saxophone, keyboard, guitar and sings). I don't even know how many times I can say a gig was the "best I've seen" because it's happened so. Many. Damn. Times. Sober boogying is the best meditation 👏

Impatiently waiting for the day I can retire my uniqlo down layer ❄️ it may be 2 degrees but it ain't gonna stop my midriff

I started fostering two years ago, starting with a 110lb mastiff called Sarra who came from an awful breeding situation and ate rugs out of anxiety, wouldn't walk and was more cow like than doggo. After four months she got adopted, and I cried and cried sitting on the floor amongst her fur. Two years later I said fuck it and adopted @aussiebbyghost, thinking it would mostly be fetch, poop and cuddles. It has been one of the most stressful experiences of my stupid sheltered life, but there's nothing like someone who loves you so much they pee at the sight of you from excitement. Not even my boyfriend does that. #NationalPuppyDay🐽🐕

Finally got off my ass and chose and started a program. Candito day one - 150lb low back squats 5x6 followed by 195lb deadlifts 2x6 and a bunch of 🍑 work.

SUGGESTIONS WELCOME: need a new strength program. Have pretty much plateaued on 5/3/1 and am feeling v uninspired. Send recommendations my way.

*the* bombest egg bialy for my last breakfast on vacation. Eating while traveling is my excuse to stuff my face with special occasion ice creams and mochis (x1000 after attending the world's biggest natural food show - I think I consumed at least 17 diff coconut products), so Gjusta was the perfect combo of comfort and health (kinda)

Those three triangles? A really bad tan line/sun tattoo. Heading home to snowpocalypse NYC tomorrow and too keen to see my dawg and my bf, but going to miss the crazy vintage shopping and relentless LA sunshine. ☀️

Definitely not in the middle of a snowstorm. ❄️ #byenyc

Sidewalk aesthetic 🐟

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