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Jess Tran  An Aussie girl in NYC really into my dog, deadlifting and vintage shopping / Comms @exoprotein


When do I get to go back on vacation?? Asking for a friend

Chaos from above 🌪️

The crazy crowds of Milan are more bearable and much prettier from the top of Duomo Di Milano.

If you look closely you can see my distended pasta and gelato filled stomach protesting the confines of such a small skirt. ✋

Fun fact: I have a serious lazy eye. Visiting duomo di milano on my own b/c James got his passport and visa stolen and couldn't board his flight home and is now stranded in Europe forever on the phone with the US consulate. If anyone has lost their visa before and knows hot tips, DM me. Fun fact #2: NEVER lose your visa people. It's an unending nightmare trying to replace it.

My trip is drawing to a close, and I'm def panicking and trying to figure out how to shove as much pasta in my mouth before I go back to my boring lame ass healthy eating life and buy as much sick European vintage before returning to overpriced NYC. 👋🍝

Little corners in Trastavere. We had too many good meals to count here.

Just the happiest dork in all of Rome.

Rome is a series of ancient ruins that hurts your neck constantly doing double takes.

My Italian food experience can only be described with superlatives so far. This cacio e pepe was the BEST pasta I've ever shoved in my mouth 🍝

Rome has some INTENSELY good vintage. This entire outfit was bought in one trip, and I've overdosed on pasta so maybe I'll stay forever?

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