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Jessica Lee  Ayurvedic Gypsy ✨🦉yoga instructor, 💪😎and loving parent to doggie fur baby 🐺🐶 ❤

Happy Holidays people! Here’s too all the dog lovers out there. #pupsofinstagram #socute #xmasdog #happyholidays #doglovers #love #santa

I feel within me a consuming fire of heavenly love which has burned up in my soul everything that was contrary to itself and transformed me inwardly into its own nature. #love #letgooffear #newterritory #letsjustbewhowereallyare

Working on the timing.. just learned this last night. So grateful to be able to share music. Im no pro on the git but hey 🤷‍♀️ #love #music #fuckit #singing #sharingiscaring #whynot #gasoline #forgiveness #letgooffear #patience

It was hard for me to smile in this picture because I felt so beaten down and tired.. I was also the thinnest I’ve ever been in my life which felt weird.. I was frail. I had never felt my bones so easily or seen them through my skin. But beyond my body my soul was still there, shining through. I carried a vacuum around for weeks after which, looking back at it now, reminded me of how painful it was to have taken off my scar repeatedly. I don’t really like talking about my experience because I really don’t want to come off as a victim. But yesterday, I had an acupuncture appointment that stirred me up in a good way. My scar on my belly was a point that was worked on.. As I laid on the mat and breathed, I felt the visceral feeling of being cut open, I started to remember my experience of nearly dying. I thought to myself that what’s happening to me now, is a freakin cakewalk. I cried and I realized that I can be so fuckin courageous and powerful! That even in the face of death I stayed present as best I could, I worked hard to move through the pain, I was grateful for the nurses by my side pushing me to get up and walk and for my Mother keeping it together for me and holding space. I am one of the many people in the world who is a survivor. When I turn to gratitude of being able to get out of bed with ease, breath with ease and eat food that nourishes me, all the shit that seems so hard right now is really not hard. Life is such a gift! I’m so thankful for the experience because it has taught me that I have the strength to overcome hardships with a courageous powerful heart. #survivor #overcomingobstacles #igotthis #perspective #gratitude #love #fuckit #youdontknowme #powerfulwomen #movingon

The Creator: I am ready to express who I am whole heartedly. I will be mindful today of any thoughts or feelings that aren’t in alighnment with the truth of who I am. I am capable, I am powerful, I am a teacher and I am courageous. I will rise above, express myself and be seen. Aloneness: People are going to come and go from my life. In truth we are all connected. At this pivotal time in my life.. I am on my own. Sometimes you have companions with you on your journey and sometimes you set out to journey on your own. Now I’m on my own, guided by my heart with faith and trust. What strength this breeds. I am grateful for it all. (And grateful for my pup) Letting Go: this card is speaking right to me. As I spend the last month in my home there is a mix of sweetness, sadness, and a sense of liberation. I let go of the old and welcome the new. I like having a place to rely on as my own.. this is shaking my sense of stability.. but I can create this wherever I go. With every breath I let go of the old and welcome the new. 😊 #newbeginnings #journey #tarot #reflection #love #readyforthenewyear #grateful #whatsnext

The day and life of a Seminarian at Esalen... 🌟😍🤸‍♀️🤟🏿#feelingblessed #musicishealing #esalen #love #naturephotography #naturelovers #sunset #bigsur

Giving thanks for the beauty surrounding me today. Happy Thanksgiving people.. stay grateful and full of joy and mash potatoes. 🌟😎🤟🏿#Esalen #sisterlove #beauty #givingthanks #lettinggo

Playing with portrait photos on the new phone. And used some filters of course... #selfie #portrait #blackandwhite #iphone

Another sunset, another day has passed in the dream of reality. What a dream it is... when the sun sets in my eyes and I feel the energy that shifts the day into darkness, I feel the ever present energy of nature. The pulse that so many of us are far removed from. My intuition grows when I feel the wind on my face, the coolness of it... when I smell the air and listen to the waves that gently crash in front of me. I listen to my friend’s words with my whole body and I do my best to be there with presence for her and for me. This is my practice... to be so present with my surroundings, to honor it with my attention and focus. I’m so grateful for Mother Nature. She brings me back to the truth, to who I am in every moment, not from the past or projected into the future. She reminds me that presence is the key to life. The key to growth and change.. it begins with me and willingness to be at peace. #mothernature #friendship #intuition #love #sunset #presence #iwillalwaysloveyou

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