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Jessica Lee  Ayurvedic Gypsy ✨🦉yoga instructor, 💪😎and loving parent to doggie fur baby 🐺🐶 ❤

Resting my ass against a tree. Need a little support from my friends😎🤙🏿❤️#tree #grounded #yogafriends #forest #love PC @loneelement 📸

Love.. I don’t like to see so much pain. So much wasted and this moment is slipping away. I get so tired working so hard for our survival. I look to the time with you, to keep me awake and alive. Love... I get so lost sometimes.. and this emptiness fills my heart. I come back to the place you are.. without a noise, and without my pride, I reach out from the inside. #sayanything #mylove #petergaberial #backtome #grounded #tree #yoga

Waking up to the gentleness of Spirit. Be soft. Bundle up in the ever loving presence within your soul. Be engulfed by it... let your heavy heart melt so it can beat with the ease of a new born child. Today I let go... I remember the love in my heart, the peace that resides there and has always been there. The silent knowing that, no matter what, the truth is I am love and I am loved. From this awareness I set forth my day. I honor Great Spirit, God, the Universe, whatever you want to call it and welcome all the blessings being offered. 🙏🙏🤸‍♀️❤️ #blessed #prayer #grateful #chiuahua #meltmyheart #love

I had a dream that I was jumping from rock to rock on a lake.. I short shot a rock and fell in... instead of coming back to the surface I sank to the bottom. The person I was with, jumped in after me and seemed to swim fine. They told me that the bottom rocks were magnetic.. my dream ended with me accepting my fate on the bottom of this lake. I wasn’t scared really, I was more awed by magnetic pull it had on me and the view of the deep bottom of the lake. Anyone want to interpret this for me?? No funny business 🤨🤨😏#dreams #weird #lake #fuckit 🤣🤣🤣PC @loneelement

Capture the hanged man/woman perspective. When you go upside down you get to see things in a new way. Our perspectives need to be checked sometimes.. what is it we are choosing to believe, or see?? Maybe there’s a perspective that would make you feel more happy, grounded and at peace. What perspective can you turn upside down and look at differently?? #hangedman #newperspectives #create #itsme @itsmejesslee_ #thriveyogastudio #yoga

The building blocks of your life... if you’re lucky you’ve got a sturdy foundation. Keep stacking until you reach the skies of your fullest potential 🤙🏿🙏🙏🤓❤️PC 📸 @loneelement #stacked #jess @itsmejesslee_ #lakelife #blacknwhite

Oh the sweet nourishment of the forest. Planting my hands in the ground and feeling the bark on my feet. The forest calls me to become more grounded, present and conscious. And although I’ve struggled to listen to the call of the forest and have let myself indulged in the monkey mind, I still take in the essence of the trees and remember their connection to my soul. So much gratitude for this magical place 🙏🙏💫🌲🌿PC. 📸 @loneelement #grounded #forest #conciousness #yoga #thriveyogastudio #truckee

“I guess he’s not a waste of a dog...” @be_crisp #hedidntreallysaythat #fuckyourfeelings #lookatthatface

Some fun at the good ol’ Thrive studio😎🤸‍♀️🤓💪 Thanks @robertwingategibbs for taking the lovely photos and thank @zmagick for being my acro buddy ❤️💕!!! #yoga #acroyoga #thriveyogastudio #letsfly #trust

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