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J E S S L A N  24 // photographer @jesslanleephotography // life with the hubs @joe.urquhart, our tiny human nohlyn, & our pup

today kicked my butt. so snuggles with my first baby are required...and then time to get things done. #brightonroethedog

so many pretty textures today at @bhldn while looking to the perfect wedding dress for @cfrost715!

...and then there's my kid 😖😂 #nakeynohlie

springtime, baby toes, & a wedding shower for @cfrost715

nohlyn ever. i love your curiosity. i love how you like to observe everything so carefully. i love the feistiness you have. i love that you push boundaries. your name means "noble & renowned, always!" and that's what good nobles do...they push the boundaries that need to be pushed to further the kingdom. they genuinely care for their own people, but they are a force to be reckoned with when something comes up against them. you are already showing us that you are exactly all of that. so keep on my noble little one. God is with you & He has blessed you // you will do great things. #nohlynever

my heart. forever & ever.

little are such a little ham...and sometimes a handful...and apparently motherhood has given me bags under my eyes...but being your mom is my favorite thing ever! #nohlynever

blurry but i like it // do you ever feel like something big is about to happen or change in your life...but there's absolutely no signs of anything like that happening? that's how i feel. kinda excited for whatever that change might be.

my happy place

spring is almost here! #nohlynever

sweet memories. so thankful my grandma made sure to capture all the moments...even the simple ones.

Mary Anna Williams April 9, 1921-February 25, 2017 // my sweet grandmom left earth this morning to be with jesus. she was 95 years old, almost 96. she was the strongest woman i have ever met. so full of love and had a genuine interest in everything anyone had to say. she was feisty right up till the end. i pray i can be like her one day...a selfless wife & mother, the most caring grandmother (and great grandmother), and a loyal friend. you will be missed so much grandmom!

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