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Throwback to my Mantis cosplay from Comic-Con because I’m SUPER EXCITED for Avengers: Infinity War! 10 years of storytelling across 17 Marvel movies all coming together in one film. Whether you like superhero movies or not, you have to admire Kevin Feige’s brilliance in architecting the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For over a decade, he has consistently produced quality films, with an average RottenTomatoes score of 83% and 7 out of 17 movies above 90%. $14.8B in box office sales. I love that he placed bets on lesser known directors with no prior experience on big-budget action films, like the Russo Brothers (who had only done TV shows like Arrested Development) and Taika Waititi (indie director from New Zealand). My favorite Marvel movies are 1) Guardians of the Galaxy for beautifully blending music with film and for bringing talking trees/raccoons to life, 2) Thor: Ragnarok for being hilarious and quirky and because Loki 😍, 3) Doctor Strange for being a mindbender and because I’m a Cumberbitch, 3) Black Panther for its incredible worldbuilding, not to mention it being a historic moment for an all-black cast dominating the worldwide box office and beating Titanic for #3 highest grossing film of ALL TIME. Looking forward to finally seeing Thanos on the big screen after 10 years of buildup!

Farm to table lunch

Wino weekend

Excited to share Sequoia’s investment in Wonolo. Although unemployment is at a historic low, the economic boom has left behind many hourly workers. Wonolo helps people find work in a fast, flexible way via their mobile app. I love the Wonolo team’s commitment to their Wonoloer worker community. The founders started the company by doing tons of hourly jobs and 4 years later they still take jobs alongside the community to make sure they don’t lose touch. ALSO WE ARE HIRING!!!

Playing a swordfighting game but it looks like we are casting magic spells or chopping food 🤔 #vrmakesyoulooksilly

At tonight’s Female Founder Office Hours Series B+ event, we heard amazingly candid advice, practical protips, and funny fundraising stories from 3 female founders who each deserve their own keynotes — Julia Hartz of Eventbrite, Mathilde Collin of Front, and Sarah Nahm of Lever. We also had 5 female investor share the inside baseball on how VCs look at growth stage investments — Megan Quinn of Spark, Sarah Guo of Greylock, Anu Hariharan of YC Continuity, Sandhya Venkatachalam of Social Capital, and Roseanne Wincek of IVP. #allraise #femalefounderofficehours

Today we announced that 120+ amazing female founders are joining forces with the 30+ female VCs of @allraiseorg to be mentors for @femalefounderofficehours. Our mission is to accelerate the success of female founders.


Dear @Polyvore community, I’m so sorry that new owners @Ssense have decided to shut Polyvore down without any advance notice. I haven’t worked there for 2yrs, but I know Team Polyvore wouldn’t have done it this way. We are as sad as you are. I dedicated 8.5 yrs of my life to building Polyvore and made many wonderful friends along the way. Every day I was inspired by the Polyvore community’s creativity & artistry. I got to work with incredibly smart talented people every day. I’m moved that so many people have signed the #BringBackPolyvore petition. It means a lot to us that our work mattered to you. Unfortunately we have no control over the situation because the company has a new owner. Thank you for 11 amazing years. #polyvore #RIPpolyvore #polyfam

Fun behind the scenes snaps of the @AllRaiseOrg photo shoot with @Forbes #AllRaise

One of the best parts of @AllRaise has been building friendships and collaborating nights & weekends with 30+ passionate, talented women investors. #sisterhood #allraise

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