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Jess Booth  "Sometimes the darkest nights, bring out the brightest stars” KDSB❤️ PMA👊🏻 Dopeless Hope Fiend // ODAAT

See you in Portugal ❤️ #odaat

Does anyone know what kind of monster this is?

This exact time next week, I will be in the air heading towards Lourdes in France. Once we land, my pilgrimage will begin instantly.
My first stage of my adventure is a trek to a small town in the French Pyrenees called Asson, directly from the tarmac at Lourdes Airport in Ossun.
A casual 26km walk! Did I mention I don’t speak French either?! 👍🏻 I would like to thank everyone who has donated so far, messaged in support and wished me every success on my journey of recovery via what I hope to be an amazing adventure that will help rebuild me from the ground up.

Please continue to share the page and encourage others to donate to Addaction, a fantastic charity that has helped save mine and so many other peoples lives through recovery.
Link to donate in my bio ❤️ #caminodelnorte #caminodesantiago #pyrenees #traveltheworld #recovery #reset #trek

Every time I start to panic about the mammoth pilgrimage trek I am about to begin through France and Spain, I remind myself that almost 10 years ago with ZERO training, fitness or experience, @sophiesfive and I managed to walk through the Nepalese Himalayas to Mount Everest Base Camp......and back again!
Of course, there were a few near death moments and severe altitude hallucinations and at one point I remember Sophie turning Blue - but the point is we set out and completed it.

Knowing that is helping fuel my determination when it’s low 🏔❤️🙌🏼

William Shakespeare is working on his best “goodnight mother” smile. It’s going well......ish 😂

Lazy William Shakespeare Sundays 🍊

I think I made the slightly big/slightly mad decision 2 weeks ago to drop everything to do this trek; I cannot believe that:

A) I’ve raised over £600 (25%!!!) already for Addaction
B) I leave in 9 DAYS!!! C) The total route I have now planned out is a staggering 1,147kms long (wtf is wrong with me)
Thank you to everyone who has and continues to share and donate to my page. Addaction kindly sent me some T-shirt’s which I’ll no doubt need as some of my monster days are between 50 - 60kms long!
Link is here - every tiny bit helps :) Thank you!!

Time is flying by super quick as I prepare my route, my gear, my bear fighting methods and my poor feet for what is now looking like more of a 900km trek!
I will be starting in Lourdes, France and making my way across the Pyrenees to beginning of the Camino De Santiago. From there, I will take the northern route via San Sebastián and slowly but surely make my way along the Spanish coast towards Portugal- where I have decided my end goal will be Porto.
I am raising money for Addaction who save lives and provide support to those in need everyday and who, without, I would not be here today.
Please, donate if you can - share as much as possible and I promise I will update you all as I go along!

I have spent the last 4 hours planning out 11 days Of French Pyrenees hiking; I’m both exhausted and excited but then I booked a hotel with an actual BEAR as it’s promotional material.
I need a takeaway.
And bear spray.

👩🏼‍🎤✈️🌍🇫🇷🥾🥾🇪🇸 🙌🏼 #pyrenees #lourdes #caminodesantiago #caminodelnorte #traveltheworld

Beautiful Monday’s with my faves ❤️

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