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They throw dirt on my name... I guess that's why they dig me.😼

Are you still sleeping on me?

So I tweeted this yesterday, woke up from my sleep in the middle of the night and something told me to look at my bible app scripture. When I went to the MSG version in the Bible app it was already highlighted because God had already told me this (the scripture that's highlighted) when I was going through a storm... at the time whenever I came across a scripture, I highlighted it if it spoke to me. (this is when I began betting closer to God; at my lowest) I tweeted this yesterday and the next morning he gave me this scripture again but I'm in a totally different space. Why? Because I listened! It was raining then but the sun's starting to shine again & I KNOW this was his reassurance because I had JUST said it... and also that no matter where I go or whatever I go through, he's beside me, and he'll never leave or forsake me. He told me this day would come!! I was astounded! I can't even see myself lacking as much faith as I did when I was down anymore. I talk to God FAITHFULLY. Everyday! I can't thank him enough! 😭🙏🏾 I'm so grateful and thankful. Y'all just don't understand! 😩🙌🏾

It's Wednesday and it's been a while. 😛✌🏽 #womencrushwednesday

First day of spring.🌸 #LookAtWhatGodMade

I got hustle and ambition flow inside my DNA.

I always learn sh*t the hard way.

This is bad, real bad Michael Jackson! 😆
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