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Makaveli Magazine🖤  Recreating myself 🌻

A flower can grow in the dark.
I've found where there had been darkness they'll soon be a new start.
Darkness can't drive out darkness like MLK said.
I thank God for being him, and my daily bread.
It gets so dark sometimes, where you don't see the light.
But if you focus only on what's wrong, they'll never be any light in sight.
It's not about what you come to, it's what you get through and how you do it.
It's a wonderful thing we have art; like poetry and music.
In order for a flower to grow it must be planted, and tended to.
There's no growth without a little rain.
when it rains the sun shines again.
Rain is nourishment for the roots to grow.
Like troubled days we face to build character
Sun being the light after the dark known as pleasure.
There's no pain without pleasure.
No pain without no gain.
So please, don't be discourage when it rains but endure, because the sun will shine again...
The End.🖤

@badgalriri never seizes to AMAZE me. Whatta beauty.😍


I always learn sh*t the hard way.

"Your comfort zone will kill you."

Spreading Love and sending peace and positivity your way.✨ choose Joy! You woke up this morning, you're blessed. Things may not be going how you want to but our timing means nothing in this thing called life unless what you planned is in your power. Live today like it's your last. I'm sure those 17 kids in that school wasn't expecting it to be there's and if you're reading this it wasn't you. Be thankful 💖 #$preadLove
••• photographer: @maurice_ligon 😎
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