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Makaveli Magazine🖤  Recreating myself 🌻

Man, listen!

Newer balance. ✨🌞🌺

Q u e e n.❤️

"If you don't give people a chance to grow, you'll find more generations without leaders."

Never give up! If it's for you, nobody can take it away from you and regardless of wether you know it or not. Even if it not happening right now or is in reach, it's already yours. Never let anyone tell you you can't do anything because anything is possible. Cause if you can see it and believe it, you can most definitely achieve it. If you give up now, everything you did before to get what you wanted was a waste of time. There's no time to waste or be slow in this world. If you want it, GO GET IT. That path to success is not a straight path. If it was that easy, everybody would be on top. They'll be bumps in the road to prepare you for what's ahead of you. Anything that comes easy is NOT worth having. You gone run into some situation that makes it harder, but life only gets harder. You gotta get stronger! I love you, God loves you, keep going! 🙏🏾💜

I got hustle and ambition flow inside my DNA.

I always learn sh*t the hard way.

This is bad, real bad Michael Jackson! 😆
Makeup: by me
Photographer: @maurice_ligon

"Your comfort zone will kill you."

Makeup: by me
Photographer: @maurice_ligon

Spreading Love and sending peace and positivity your way.✨ choose Joy! You woke up this morning, you're blessed. Things may not be going how you want to but our timing means nothing in this thing called life unless what you planned is in your power. Live today like it's your last. I'm sure those 17 kids in that school wasn't expecting it to be there's and if you're reading this it wasn't you. Be thankful 💖 #$preadLove
••• photographer: @maurice_ligon 😎
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