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JESSIKA  limitlessly evolving, loving, creating ✨ MP Management LA 📍+ Paris + Chi Leni’s LDN

Nail salon sandals, but make it fashion 💅🏼 And huge thanks to the wind for this- hyping me up! Making me feel like I was in a 90s glamour shot shoot! No questions asked! Let’s all be more like the wind 🥇👯‍♀️

I’m just gonna be honest and let it be known that yes I already bought a pumpkin. Yes all my festive candles are lit. Yes I’m putting Trader Joe’s pumpkin spread on errrrythang while I consume all things spooky (not scary) on Huluween. Tis the season and I’m committed 👻

Stay inspired by your growth, hardships are beautiful too 🌹
By the best @dyoonphoto for @revolve

❗️“Comparison is the thief of joy.”❗️In these days of social media keeping-up-with-the-Jones’ BS it’s so easy, and rightfully so, for us to fall victim to the comparison monster. It’s a shame that it’s not something that is discussed more. How detrimental the constant comparison is to ones mental health and overall well being. We’ve normalized toxic behavior like ‘insta stalking’ and validation-via-likes. Aimless scrolling and ‘I wish I had ____’s.’ I don’t have the answers as to how to overcome all of the challenges that social presents, it’s still the wild fucking west! But I think @karamobrown said it best, if you notice something in your realm that causes you any kind of negative emotion CUT IT OFF! Unfollow. Stop stalking. Focus on YOU. Love YOURSELF! You are perfectly designed! You wouldn’t engage with someone who makes you feel icky in real life, so you don’t have to online! And also, for you trolls, you wouldn’t say nasty things to someone’s face would you? So don’t online! Plus, hooow lame. At the end of the day what matters most is your happiness! You know what’s best for yourself so do that! It’s a struggle for us all, no one is perfect! And remember, “not today Satan”!! Xx 💛💫 @lifeisbeautiful

Can’t allow myself to elaborate on a caption because it will get REAL sappy REAL quick ♡

Sharing day 1 on day 2 cuz 2 busy having 2 much fun with the people I love 🤪❣️

Calm before the beautiful storm 🎉💛

Stepped out for a beautiful cause with my love ✨ Thank you for having us and all that you do @trfdotorg 💕

@ginamariskincare + brow gel is my favorite lewk 💘 And don’t be fooled, good skin comes and goes for me like anyone else. It’s sometimes work and that’s ok! Aaaand I’m not taking up close and personal pics everyday 😅

Full moon who dis 🌝

Lovely @danielepiersonsbeauty on my face for @nphilanthropy🌷

I am surrounded by love and light, what a beautiful life. X ✨

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