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JAMESON | PASIGAN  JOURNEY | KAHOKU P a p a T i m o t e o My Angels in Heaven & My Heaven on Earth Forever in my heart with love β™‘


No matter how much time passes by, you never really grasp the full reality of things... It's been over two years, but this feels like just yesterday... Missing you, my Jameson. I love you, I love you, I love you. πŸ’” #JessnJayyForever

Journey had a great time yesterday at the pumpkin patch! He rode the train, talked to all the goats and chickens, sat on a pile of pumpkins, slid down a giant slide, and rode the train again of course! Pure bliss. I love seeing happiness in Journey's eyes! I can't say this enough, this is my favorite time of the year! Forever in my heart with love. πŸ‚πŸš‚πŸŽƒπŸπŸ“ #JourneyKahoku #JessnJayyForever #Family @jnines @lcines @jayjayines65

October calls for all black, bold lips, and bushy brows! Stepping out today with a more natural look and a festive lip color to make things fun! Happy Sunday, everyone! Forever in my heart with love. πŸ•· #JourneyKahoku #JessnJayyForever #JWLOVESME
TOP: @jeanswarehousehawaii Velvet Bodysuit
Code 'JESSIEXJAMESON20' to save!
LIPS: @kyliecosmetics "Kymajesty" Metal
BROWS: @anastasiabeverlyhills #Dipbrow in Chocolate + Clear Brow Gel

Thank you to our new friend Samantha from @twistshakebaby for sending Journey the coolest, most innovative sippy cup! The Twistshake Kid Cup is the perfect stepping stone for a child who has grown out of his or her baby bottle and is learning to transition to cups and glasses. Its spill free spout supports the active lifestyle of children so your little ones play without making a mess! This sippy cup also features a fruit mixer that allows child and parent alike to create amazing drinks! We've mixed Journey's favorite fruits and berries with water, gave it a shake, and voilΓ ! We've just created delicious, healthy, natural fruit infused water! Journey is loving his new cup! Twistshake offers a variety of products for your little ones including baby bottles, sippy cups, tableware, and pacifiers! You can shop their website and use the code 'jessiexjameson20' for an awesome discount! Hope you all check out this amazing brand from Sweden! Forever in my heart with love. πŸ“ #JourneyKahoku #JessnJayyForever #Twistshake @twistshakebaby @samantha.contact

My little cowboy (diaper) dancing and spinning to one of his favorite songs as of late! Just listen to how clearly he says B-I-N-G-O!!! It's absolutely, unbelievably amazing to witness Our Son practice all these new skills that he learns daily! From songs and dances, to shapes, colors, words, numbers, phrases, and so much more! We are so proud of you, Journey Kahoku!!! Forever in my heart with love. πŸ’ #JourneyKahoku #JessnJayyForever #BINGO @jnines @lcines @jayjayines65 @samanthacarillo @r_let93 @kdenxjvzz @jenjenbear17

My fall makeup tutorial using ONLY drugstore makeup just went live! My favorite time of the year calls for a warm smokey eye, bold wings, and a dark lip! You don't have to use high-end makeup to create and achieve a beautiful look! Some of my favorite products are from the drugstore! Click the link in my bio to watch the tutorial! Enjoy! Forever in my heart with love. πŸ‚ #JourneyKahoku #JessnJayyForever #JessieInes

Happy 6th Birthday, my puppy dog! Can't believe you're 42 today!!! May we all be blessed with your company and friendship for many years to come! I love you, I love you, I love you. πŸ’– #HappyBirthday #RucaBear @jnines @lcines @jayjayines65

Sometimes, we pretend to be okay because we're taught to show our strength and overcome adversity. Sometimes, we put on a mask to disguise the internal battles that we are fighting on our own. Sometimes, we feel so misunderstood that we think we're trapped and alone. Sometimes...sometimes we're too resilient.
In a world where denotations of mental illness are so common that they regularly pass without comment, we forget that we're allowed to fall apart! Mental health is not a figment of ones imagination, and it's also not an excuse to get attention or sympathy. It's real and not something that should remain silent, just because the world we live in has this negatively powerful stigma! There are so many stereotypes that the public has adopted in regards to mental illness that people with actual mental health problems begin to believe them!
Educate yourself, use your voice, and end the silence! No matter the intensity, we all experience hard times and times of doubt and hopelessness. Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel! It's okay to not be okay. A personal battle is not a personal failure. Be kind to yourself. Forever in my heart with love. 🌻 #JourneyKahoku #JessnJayyForever #WorldMentalHealthDay

Three years ago, I felt compelled to get this portrait of you on my rib cage. Jameson sat with me the entire session. He told me that you'd love it. I remember the first time I showed you. You said, "Who is that handsome guy??" You always said the funniest things with the biggest smile! It is still so unbelievable to me that just a year after I got this tattoo, you went to Heaven with God... I miss you, Papa. Happy 2 Years, my Angel. Forever in my heart with love. πŸ’™ #MyAngel #HappyAngelversary

Off to dinner with my family! I feel confident and beautiful in this set from Jeans Warehouse! I've been shopping there since I was young and it's so cool to still wear this brand at 21-years-old! You can get this outfit and shop the entire website or in-store and use my code 'JESSIEXJAMESON20' to save! Forever in my heart with love. β£οΈπŸ–€β£οΈπŸ–€β£οΈ #JourneyKahoku #JessnJayyForever #JWLOVESME @jeanswarehousehawaii

I'm so forgetful when it comes to before and after pictures... But I never forget the after pictures! They are the most important, right? I decided a few months ago that I wanted to start opening myself up to doing makeup on a more serious level. I love doing makeup on myself, but more so for others! It's rewarding to me to make people feel even more beautiful in their own skin! Makeup is really truly an art and there's always something to learn and room for improvement! It allows me to explore and be creative, and to have freedom with any look! I do makeup for any kind of special occasion, and even for those "just because" kind of days! If any of you lovely ladies or guys would like their makeup done by me, please contact me through direct message! I would love to meet you and make you feel beautiful! Happy Saturday, everyone! Forever in my heart with love. ✨ #JessieInes

In the spirit of my favorite time of the year and the inspiration from Tarte Cosmetics, I decided to get outside and enjoy the cool weather with this full body pumpkin workout! Journey, Ruca, and I enjoyed ourselves with this one! Click the link in my bio to join the festive fun! Enjoy! Forever in my heart with love. πŸŽƒπŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ’› This video is sped up! Include this superset for your next at home workout!
1️⃣ 3 sets | 10 Rotational Lunges ➑️ 12 Shoulder Squats
Song: Hocus Pocus | Come Little Children Remix
#JourneyKahoku #JessnJayyForever #JessieInes

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