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Jessie Paege  hi. this is where I post the random trash that I don't know where else to put (and anime memes and rants about things no one cares about)

Stalking my people that like my new insta post on my main for the next 24 hours (also @guiltypartyofficial is where it's at. Almost cried at the premiere)

NEW VIDEO! Comment a "🎢" if you watched it (link in my bio) and follow @guiltypartyofficial WOOHOO (I'm so excited omg) 🌟

Lots of colored hair. Lots of dabbing. Lots of Jess(i)e

These girls are hella cute and sweet and make me happy

Hello, trash. Getting stars on my face for a e s t h e t i c. since I was a fetus

So my apartment almost lit on fire an hour ago and here's something nice and cheerful to distract

Hey!! I'M WRITING A CHILDREN'S BOOK. (Link to pre-order in my bio)πŸŒˆπŸŒŸπŸ’ It's a therapeutic fill-in the blank journal that can start to introduce younger children to important topics AND TEENS CAN ENJOY IT TOO. All ages will appreciate the work. It's a way to take the ideals presented in my videos and apply them directly to your own lives. it's a totally new concept and touches on things like anxiety, being shy, gender identity, stereotypes, and more πŸ€“

I hope you guys are all enjoying my announcement πŸ€“ I'm mesmerized by the concept askcnskcndm πŸŒΉβ›ˆ (ALSO @gracethorley YOU'RE INCREDIBLE EVERYONE SEND HER LOVE)

Comment a "❄️" if you watched my new video with a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT πŸ€“ (link in bio)

When panic at the disco comes on at the grocery store and the trash has to be taken out @brandonwoelfel @hayleywi11iams (edit: yes there is no music. This account is trash for a reason)

comment a "πŸͺ" if you watched my new main channel video (link in bio) and tag someone that would enjoy my vids mayb? (idk i suck at promo but hi the memes and advice r 10/10)

Sorry for the lolla spam but I had so much fun and I miss this amazing pal

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