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Jessie  🏡Polish probs in Cleveland 🛍 BornPretty -10%: JAYW10 📦BeautyBigBangs -10%: JDN10 ✉JessieDoesMail@gmail.com

Spring may not officially begin until tomorrow, but I am 💯 done with winter so it’s starting RIGHT NOW for me. I used an image from “St Merry” (@gogoonlyusa) to stamp over “Stripped” (@polishmylife). I decided to do some watercolor-style leadlighting using the @essiepolish Silk Watercolors and topped everything off with “Sweet Tarts” scented topcoat from @purplewillowapothecary. This method of obtaining a garden is totally preferable to the one where you have to touch dirt and dig. 👍🏻💜

Golden and Green 💚
Details in previous post. 💅🏻

Happy St Patrick’s Day! 🍀🎩💰
I did a super simple design using “Chimichurri” (@palatepolish) and “Pros and Bronze” (@kbshimmer) and topped everything with “Sweet Tarts” scented topcoat from @purplewillowapothecary. I just love how these colors compliment each other - perfect for today! 🍀

Fireworks for Jamie’s bday 💙
Details in previous post. 💅🏻

My kid sister/only sibling might be in her early thirties, married, with a family of her own - but she isn’t past forcing me to do things for her amusement (see second photo for evidence). Jamie Arlene - even though you’re a huge pain in the ass/thorn in my side, I love you. Happy birthday, you crybaby. Here is a sparkletastic nail design I did just. for. you. I hope we’re cool now. 💙
The polish: base homemade by me, stamping is @mundodeunas
The plate: “BP-L042” (@bornprettystore)

Pseudo-marble 💜
Details in previous post 💅🏻

I may lack all of the Russian talents like being able to handle my vodka, dress impeccably, perfectly polish my nails, or you know, speak Russian. But, with the help of tutorial videos from @nail_muse, I can at least pretend when it comes to the nail part. And that’s what I did here. I have no idea what this technique is called, so I’ll just call it “awesome.”
I plopped a bunch of dots of polish on my mat, swirled them around, squished it with my stamper head, then let it dry and applied as a decal. Oh, and I’m kind of in love with it.
The polish: “Commando,” “Stripped” (@polishmylife), “Disco Dress” (@colorclubnaillacquer), “Wet” (@flossgloss)
The topcoat: “Gummy Bears” (@purplewillowapothecary)

Chrome Cat 🐯🍭
Details in previous post. 💅🏻

Watch out! The double duocheome, holographic tiger is on the loose! 🍭🐯 Normally I don’t support animal cruelty, but if you see one of these mythical beasts you just HAVE to slay one and slather it’s skin on your fingernails. 🗡💅🏻
The powder: “Fairy” and “Paradise” (@whatsupnails) over black, “To Have and to Holo” (@mpolishes)
The plate: BP-X13 (@bornprettystore)
The topcoat: UNT (@unt_global) “Brownie Batter” (@purplewillowapothecary)

Pretty Purple 💜
Details in previous post. 💅🏻

Super simple stamping, super cute look! 💜 I am loving this purple and green combo! 💚
The polish: “What the Shell?” (@ciatelondon), “Pina Colada” (@mundodeunas)
The plate: “St Merry” (@gogoonlyusa)
The topcoat: “Brownie Batter” (@purplewillowapothecary)

Women are strong 💪🏻 Women are brave 👩🏾‍🚒 Women are smart 👩🏽‍🔬 Women are powerful 👸🏼 Women are the future 🌎 Happy International Women’s Day! ❤️
The Polish: “Pure Paradise” (@polishmylife), “Purple” (@mundodeunas)
The plates: “St Merry” (@gogoonlyusa), “Make Your Mark 03 (@linanailartsupplies), “CjS-02” (@clearjellystamper)
The topcoat: @purplewillowapothecary

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