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Jessie  🏡Polish probs in Cleveland 🛍 BornPretty -10%: JAYW10 📦BeautyBigBangs -10%: JDN10 🛒NicoleDiary -10%: JESS10

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I posted any nails - but I’m back and I brought a picture of my cindy hand with me! 😱
I’ve been exclusively wearing gel polish on this hand all summer. I like the fact that it will last me two weeks, but I’m still new to gel and have not mastered any type of gel art. BUT, this black stamping polish (item no 43179 @bornprettystore) from Born Pretty is the perfect solution. 🙌🏻 This stamped beautifully, the image came out nice and crisp and clean, and lasted me two weeks. 👍🏻
Be sure to use my code JAYW10 to let them know Jessie sent you and to score -10% any regularly priced items. ❤️

Temp post: Yes, I’m alive! And I’m over here living my absolute best life! New nails are coming soon - but in the meantime...

Two. That’s how many Fourth of July manis I managed to put together. 😞 I totally failed on my favorite holiday - but - there is always next year. Just some simple stamping over “Blue-Tide Yule-Tide” (@polishmylife). 🇺🇸

I cannot believe Independence Day is in less than a week! I am going to try to cram as many Fourth of July manis in as I can before then - I’m usually so much better about this!
This is “B.E.D” (@polishmylife) stamped with these adorable stars from my “St Merry” plate (@gogoonlyusa) using stamping polish from @beautybigbangs. 🇺🇸

Magnetic Multichrome ✨
Details in previous post 💅🏻

I tried this @sveta_sanders -inspired technique of using a striping brush and magnetic polishes (@tonicpolish) over black polish... but with only about half her skill level, this is what I wound up with. 😉 I’m totally not complaining, though, because I absolutely love love love these! 🖤

Play Ball! ⚾️
Details in previous post. 💅🏻

For it’s one, two, three strikes you’re out at the old ball game! Tonight was a big rivalry match for the Boys 6 and Under league that I coach tonight - Taco Zombies (us) against the Blue Jays (them). Since it’s only three innings, no score is kept, and it’s more about teaching the basics than being competitive, THEY will tell you “it’s a tie” but I disagree, because this nail design is an automatic homerun and absolutely makes us the winners. This is plate KADS011 (@kadsnailart) stamped using @mundodeunas stamping polish and topped with “Put me in, Coach” scented topcoat from @purplewillowapothecary ⚾️💜

Speckled rainbow! 🌈
Details in previous post. 💅🏻

Pro tip: if you can’t decide on a color, pick them all! 🌈 I used the pointed end of my clean-up brush and all the colors (ALL OF THEM!) to create this speckled rainbow. And, because it couldn’t be more apropos, I used “Rainbow on the Wall” topcoat (@purplewillowapothecary). ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
Apologies for the lack of posts lately - I’m still lacquering up and staying polished (don’t worry!) - but with the kiddos out of school and [little league] baseball season in full swing (see what I did there?)... I just haven’t felt like editing and captioning and posting. If we are being totally honest here (and by “we” I mean “me”) - I am just tired. Like tired tired. Like can-we-please-take-a-nap-today?-tired. It’s been a lot of pools and ice cream and playgrounds - glamorous, I know. 🤣 Anyway, just letting you know what’s up. 😘

Happy Best Friends Day!
Here is a throwback of me and my girls, @10digits2polish, @jordanspolishedlife, @sandrasparkles, and @aaaratednails from a friendship photo shoot a few years ago. It’s real and isn’t photoshopped at all. Love you girls! ❤️

Looking for some fabulous stamping polish? I’ve got you covered. This set was sent to me by @beautybigbang
(Item no ZHSP0293, and, as you can see, it works beautifully. We are talking crisp, clear designs in bold, beautiful colors - and these don’t have that strange odor that many stamping polishes tend to have. I’m calling this a win all the way around.
Be sure to use my code JDN10 for -10% off your order -- you'll also get free shipping if you order 2+ items, and both cc and PayPal are accepted. Definitely check out their stuff - they have high quality items at a very reasonable price. 💜

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