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Jessie  🏡Polish probs in Cleveland 🛍@BornPretty -10%: JAYW10 📦@BeautyBigBangs -10%: JDN10 🛒@Nicolediary2016 -10%: JESS10

Hey hey it’s Delia’s birthday - happy birthday @iamdeliasnails! 😘❤️
You might notice a slightly altered version of the collage here, and that is for a good reason. The reason is that I am apparently a total dipshit who doesn’t know how to properly send an email. 😂 BUT I did a fluid thing for you and it was on time and everything (see third photo as evidence). Happy birthday, you beautiful bitch. I love ya! #iaminspiredbydeliabday

Happy birthday, Riley (@damningeden)! 💚 You’re not really a nice person and I feel like you *just* had a birthday last year, but I found myself involved in this collab and figured “hey, why the hell not?” 🐙 I used “Tentacles” and “Gradients” nail wraps by @espionagebeauty because glitter and suction-cups are apparently your thing? Happy birthday, my friend! 😘 #greenbday4riley

What happens when your neighbor brings over a gallon-sized bag of assorted cosmetic-grade glitter? You make glitter polish! I mixed up a bunch of magic, added it to a glamour base (used for making polish) and boom! - my very own custom glitter bomb! ❤️ I used peel-off basecoat from @imknails because I’m not insane and don’t want to spend an hour scrubbing or have to soak in an acetone bath to get this off. 😂

I didn’t grow up reading comic books or playing superheroes. My first glimpse at the Marvel Universe didn’t happen until I had a son of my own and, not knowing what to do with a boy, bought him a Spider-Man toy. Little did I know that would lead to a full-blown obsession (or something the rest of the family would wind up enjoying)! I’m wearing these “Comic Book” nail wraps from @espionagebeauty in honor of the late, great Stan Lee. His creativity and storytelling made this world a much better place. Excelsior! ❤️
If you want to try these nail wraps, be sure to use my code (NMA15JESSIE) to save -15% on anything over $25. 😉

It’s-a-me, Mario! 👨🏻🍄⭐️
Gah! These are my favorite nail wraps yet! These are “World 1-1” (@espionagebeauty) and as if being absolutely adorable wasn’t enough, they glow in the dark (swipe 🔙) 😱! My two kiddos went nuts over this design, and even my husband thought these were pretty cool. These are super easy to apply - just peel, stick, file, and add topcoat.
If you want to try these nail wraps, be sure to use my code (NMA15JESSIE) to save -15% on anything over $25. 😉

Happy birthday @namaste_polished! I hope you had an elephantastic birthday, my darling! ❤️Gah! And how cute are these decals from @ribbitsstickits?! 🐘🎂 #namasteitsalliesbday

Happy birthday @lasolnails! I hope your day is just as special as you are, my dahhhling! #lasolsdonalddodgerbday 💙

These rainbow flames have me spellbound! I did some super simple stamping using images from plate BPX-L012 (@bornprettystore) and @mundodeunas stamping polish over black. Matte topcoat from @purplewillowapothecary finished off this perfectly bewitching Halloween mani. 🖤🎃

Barbie’s creepy graveyard 👩🏼🎀🧟‍♂️
I used “Gloomy Kitty” (@prettyserious) and “Coral Fedora” (@polishmylife) for this fabulous gradient, then topped with “Butterfly” (@tonicpolish) and added some stamping from a whole bunch of Halloween plates. 🎃

When you’re a girl who wants purple everything but you’re actually a mummy. 🎃 I used an image from “Spooklicious 2” (@linanailartsupplies) over “Witches Paradise” (@polishmylife) 💜

Braaaiiinnnsss 🧠🧟‍♀️
Golden brains stamped using images from “Zombie Love” (@uberchicbeauty) and stamping polish from @beautybigbangs over “Pom Pom Spice” (@polishmylife) 🎃

Aaaannd I’ve joined the nub club. I had one patched and then wound up busting another one, so it was time to start fresh. 👍🏻 Just some simple stamping using @mundodeunas stamping polish and “Spooklicious 2” (@linanailartsupplies) over black. 🖤🎃

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