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Jessie Van Arman  LA. NY. Places in between. City dweller. Yoga lover. Party starter. Event marketer @facebook. Admirer of things that shine. Mama to #AveryBear.

Out past 10 on a school night so basically savages.
#brooklynwedding #nothinglikethelealzing

On his last day of his 2nd year, Avery celebrated his impending birthday, singularly focused on cake until he saw the trampoline & his 20 closest friends. We love this little boy. He is our everything.

I went to #BuildtoBreak & all I got was this lousy headshot. Kidding. This headshot is great & I'll never take another one-armed selfie again. Kidding. I can't stop taking selfies, be real. 📸: @twodudesphoto

This morning, despite not having a sign or an 8.5"x11" piece of printer paper hand drawn with an announcement, Avery started preschool. His father was stoic. His mother, though not attentive enough to produce a sign, was teary. And Avery, as the kids say, did not give AF. He was fine. I suppose this is what we hope for our children. To be just fine.

#averybear #thecoopschool #inchworm

After 5 days of grilled cheeses on vacation, Avery fully reintegrates into coastal city kid life where toddlers drink green juice with hemp seeds and like it. #averybear #brooklandia #toddlermeals @healhaus

ABOUT LAST NIGHT. Daria & Trey had a beautiful wedding. They scored bonus points for hosting at the most photo worthy venue in Los Angeles where we sat on all the seats & touched all the things. The Los Angeles Times hosted an unofficial employee reunion. And I was my own date, taking couples photos at the photo booth by myself. Because #selflove & #bossbabe.

#livinglinvill 👰💗🤵🤳

Dublin did us the service of raining on our last afternoon so we would not leave with the faulty impression that it was a city of sun & warm weather. We humbly stand corrected. #facetoface #facebook #dublin #wetteeshirtcontest

Happy 3 years to my wonderful partner @dariusjagjag. If given the opportunity, I'd marry you all over again every time. But I'd skip the vow about accepting your fantasy football pastime. I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I promised that.

I love you!

Thanks to developers who are transforming every square inch of waterfront real estate in Brooklyn, Avery & I got this marvelous photo at Domino Park. #averybear #brooklynbaby #realestate

Avery has been showing great signs of maturity for his age so I got him his own studio apartment. #igminiroom #smallhouses #averybear #fbnyminiapt

There is an alternative, subterranean universe in which parents must endure hours of buses & trains, small children may drive oversize vehicles & none of us are safe. This place exists in Brooklyn, NY.
#brooklynbaby #averybear #publictransportation #nycmta

Darius, Avery & I have discussed & we believe you're a superlative embodiment of fatherhood. You have been making terrible dad jokes since the beginning of time. You're a natural with Legos. And you are above average in sneaking an assortment of things you shouldn't when mom's not looking (but really she's *always* looking & no one should forget that). Basically, you were born for this. We love you dearly. Happy father's day to our one & only, @dariusjagjag.
#fathersday #averybear #brooklynbaby

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