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🎉Happy Birthday🎉 to my beautiful, funny, smart, talented, crazy, loving, incredible sister! You have always had an enchanting free spirit. You’ve helped teach me to be more carefree, joyous and accepting of myself and others. I’m so thankful our parents blessed me with you as my younger sister and best friend ♥️ love you to the moon ♥️ #sisters #seester #squadgoals .
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#tbt To our amazing @andisclippers Education Summit in August. We have such a strong team of educators, each bringing their own unique style to the table. Looking forward to bringing you bigger and better things in 2018! 🙌🏼

I’ve got that laser focus on my goals 👀🤩🤓
One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone tells me something is impossible.
Whether it be for myself or for them.
It’s only impossible if you THINK it’s impossible.
Remember the phrase, “you can have anything you set your mind to”??
Well, ITS TRUE!!
Everything is about mindset.
🌟Do you second guess yourself?
🌟Think you aren’t worthy of a raise or think none of your clients will pay it?
🌟Do you lack confidence in your technical skills?
🌟Don’t believe your clients will buy the retail on your shelves? Or pre-book? Or tip? Or......(fill in the blank)....???
Well my friend, if you don’t believe it, how are your clients going to?
They pick up on our energy.
If you’re excited about something, they most likely will be too!
Pick one thing this week you want to shift your mindset around and really believe in yourself.
🌟You deserve it.
🌟You are worth it.
🌟You are good enough.
And if you have any issues getting your mind to shift, send me a message.
I got you.

“We love to create style for people who make style of this city”
What does the front of your salon or shop say about you?
It’s important to make sure it is inviting and attracting your ideal clients!

Let’s talk C O N S U L T A T I O N
• • •
Ever have a client who isn’t totally satisfied with the outcome of the service?!
I’ve seen a lot of comments lately about clients being unhappy with results and what stylists should do about it.
Yes, sometimes we have unreasonable clients, but a lot of times it comes down to properly consulting.
Here are some tips to make sure you cover your bases:
Ask the same questions every time. Even if you’ve been cutting their hair for 10 years...
1. Check their haircut interval
(6 weeks? 3 months?)
2. Did they like their last haircut
(try and keep this positive)
3. Find out what products they use
(important for selling retail)
4. Important life events coming up
(vacations, birthdays, etc may altar what you give them)
5. *If you’re cutting it short, check for cowlicks, scars and moles
6. Circle back and summarize everything you discussed.
7. After you cut your initial guide, circle back again to confirm the length is what they were picturing.
*For color, really explain the outcome. Be honest. Under promise and over deliver. Always.

Sunday Inspiration from @andisclippers educator @thebarbershopbypacolopez
Do you want more male clients?
The first place to start is checking your technique.
Head over to Master-Barberschool.com and sign up for access to FREE tutorials! 💈✂️ Then check back here for more business building tips! 🙌🏼

This space is giving me major home inspo vibes.
Outlining my goals for 2018, one of which is to share more of my personal life on this page.
I’ve always kept two separate accounts and I’ve come to realize that my work in this industry IS my life. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, they’re one and the same.
So, love it or hate it, I’m putting more of my life out there. 🤗
What are some of your 2018 goals??

I’ll be in LA at the end of the month with @andisclippers for ISSE and Paul Mitchell Caper! Who else will be there?! 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

Casually daydreaming of an upcoming trip to Vegas while it’s negative degrees in Minneapolis.

What’s 1 thing you are grateful for??
I like to start every day writing a quick 3x3 journal...
▪️3 things I am grateful for
▪️3 things I desire
▪️3 things I need to do that day to help reach my goals
The items can be large or super small and simple. It takes less than 5 minutes and has made all the difference!

As we wrap up 2017, here’s one last inspiration photo for the year courtesy of @dannycox_hair 💯

If you need me I’ll just be right here for a bit... sipping on my coffee. 😍
Seriously @nesor77 when can we move back?? 😜

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