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Thinking about that chocolate I have in my fridge🍫
📷 @hurtingbombz

Modern Princesses are bold, independent, ambitious, and we need no Prince Charming to come and save our life because we have it all in control.👑
Just like the scent of Lanvin Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle, The frosty effect of grapefruit is like a joyful uplift that perfectly matches the velvety and juicy note of blood peach. Mysterious yet tantalizing, let the floral fruity scent speak for you before anything! Be a Modern Princess!
#LanvinHK #ModernPrincess #EauSensuelle #Sogo #Facesss

Morning!🍳 My favorite meal is breakfast what’s yours?😋

Stretch marks, scars, bruises, fat name it. I see myself clearer than anyone, yet all of these “flaws” won’t stop me from loving myself and be confident under my own skin.
No body type should be classified as the “standard”, we all live a different life with our own story and goals. Im proud of my body and all the hard work I have put into it, and Im the healthiest I have ever been💪🏽
Self appreciation is vital in this cruel society, praise and see your worth first then people will follow💖
#bodypositivity #selflove #beyourownstandard

Love me a Koh Samui sun kissed makeup look☀
My island makeup using Miss Sicily Lipstick in Isabelle and Emotioneyes Brow Powder Duo by @DGBeauty.
Available at the flagship counter in Pacific Place Harvey Nichols.
#MissSicily #DGBeauty #emotioneyes

Find peace in the storm

The key to luminous skin takes 1+1, healthy lifestyle and good skincare. I love being under the sun but I also work extra hard to protect it from the UV damage, been using the Clarins White Plus Serum to help diminish my dark spots and brighten up my skin. 🍒The duo action of Acerola fruit and seed extract in it works magic on my skin’s translucency and brings me a healthy rosy glow.

#WhitePlus #ClarinsHK #西印度櫻桃 #美白1加1 #粉紅亮肌

Beach daze always🌴

You make me go coconuts🥥

When people ask me how much time I spend eating a day
lol sorry I have to do this @hurtingbombz

close your eyes and feel by heart

Such a lovely day going on adventure with my @ohsonicole 💖🌳🍸 Its essential to take care of your skin after strolling around the city the entire day, why not do it over sleep? This overnight mask is super convenient and u won’t have to take mask break while watching movie with it🤓

#HoneymoonWithNic #GirlsTrip #NightPampering #BeautySleep #SKIIHK #SleepingGelMask

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