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Jessica Walsh  🎨 Design, content & strategy for brands: identities, campaigns, commercials, digital & more 💪🍷 @ladieswinedesign 💃 Travel: @theotherjessicawalsh

Going out to a party or Netflix? What is your ideal Friday night ? #sorrynofilterimages

Does anyone else go back and forth between caring way too much about everything and than being like FUCK EVERYTHING 😂 #sorrynofilterimages

Current mood, wish I could say “today” but it’s honestly been months of feeling extreme exhaustion 🙀I finally went to the doctor after passing out several times, yes no exaggeration there, just went unconscious / dropped to the ground. For years I’ve avoided the doctor because 1) I put everything work / Oscar / family related above my own health and 2) because I’m deathly afraid of needles and blood work and 3) I always assumed being tired was likely work related as I rarely give myself a break and 4) I’m always afraid of going to the doctor and finding out there is something seriously wrong, I kind of rather just drop dead one day than have to know I’m living with some awful illness. What is wrong with me?! However I finally went to the doctor and discovered I’m anemic, meaning low red blood count / low iron, and I also have low b12, which causes fatigue and fainting. It’s not that big of a deal I suppose, but I was told by numerous people to avoid iron supplements, anyone have suggestions besides eating more red meat that worked for them? I already eat insane amounts of kale / spinach.

Sunday is a great day to pop open champagne and celebrate life pre-children (or not ever having children) 🍾 💥✨ this continues to be one of the biggest dilemmas for me though, it’s been years of going back and forth on whether or not to have kids , I don’t want to miss out on experiencing this phase of life and the love that comes with motherhood, and like the idea of being able to help raise/ guide a child to becoming a good human and helping them figure out what brings them joy and how they can contribute in a positive way to our fucked up world. But... I also know many people having children and it’s ruining their lives and marriages. And I’m pretty happy right now and don’t want to compromise my own happiness or marriage or ability to work/travel, which might be selfish but I also don’t want to have a kid and then feel resentment towards them and potentially wind up a terrible mother. I barely have any down time to myself now, work is my baby, it takes every ounce of my energy and time but also brings me joy and fulfillment. I don’t feel like I need a child to fill in any missing hole or feel fulfilled. Have you had kids? Do you recommend it? Anyone else as indecisive as me?

BEAUTY = FUNCTION (🔈on & swipe right for the function video) 🎥🎥 This is a sneak peak of a longer video installation we created at the Venice Biennale, if you’re in Venice be sure to stop by to see the full video, complete with ASMR voice over explaining why beauty is so important in art & design. The next stop for this installation will be at the MAK in Vienna for our show “Sagmeister & Walsh: Beauty” which opens October 23rd. 🔍🔍🔍 Why Beauty? Throughout most of the 20th and the 21st century beauty got a bad reputation. Most respectable designers claim not be interested in it, the contemporary art world has almost completely abandoned it and one can leaf through stacks of architecture books without seeing the term mentioned once. Working under the supervision of scientific advisers from the world of psychological aesthetics, we’ve designed a large exhibition demonstrating why this so utterly stupid and what we can do to reverse it. Using examples from graphics, product design, architecture and city planning will show that beautiful objects, buildings and strategies are not only more joyful, but effectively work better. Beauty is a central part of what it means to be human. 💪💪 Big thanks to the talented team who made this piece come to life, we’ll be releasing more of them over the next months ! @stefansagmeister @wannerstedt @alexa_sirbu @ben_fearnley @bureauklausalman @foamstudioberlin @lukasvojir @lioncolony @machineast @martin_salfity @ariweinkle @jsnbrgmn @chenyudesign @danielbrokstad @gabrielanamie @matteo_giuseppe_pani @shyinbar @racheldenti @zaktebbal

More from our @baboontothemoon branding 💥🌚🚀 see full case study on

Sagmeister & Walsh: A Retrospective is still going strong at Design Museum Holon 💪 We are showing over 70 pieces of our work from our self-initiated projects to commercial work over two floors of the museum. Thank you Maya Dvash and Tomer Spector for making this happen, as well as @suenos_guajiros and @ercagrbmn from our team for coordinating ! #designmuseumholon #sagmeisterwalsh

Another award I’m giving myself 🥇I have always been very emotional, I take things very personally and can let things affect me deeply and overthink every situation a thousand times over. Growing up I was such an extreme emotional introvert my grade school teachers said to my parents I’d never make it in the real world. They say you need to keep emotions out of business, however I’ve always tried to use & see my emotional side and anxiety as a strength 💪it’s helped me immensely in business as I’m never complacent, my anxiety helps me anticipate and prevent problems by checking things 10x over, and feeling everything deeply has helped me infuse humor and emotional connection into my work, among other benefits. Do you see your feelings as strengths or weaknesses? How do you turn them into fuel? #sorrynofilterimages

We are not special snowflakes that deserve the world handed to us on a silver platter. If you want something you have to work your ass off for it, and stay persistent. The most common question/ complaint I get from young designers from around the world on a weekly basis is “ I hate my boss/job, they won’t give me a raise, the work is so uncreative so I’ll never develop a good portfolio, I’m trapped here, what do I do, etc etc” . My answer is that if your unhappy with your job and think you can get paid more elsewhere, go elsewhere. Your boss doesn’t owe you anything and you don’t owe anything to them (unless you signed a special contract) so stop whining about them or your job and blaming everything on other people , and take matters into your own hands. If you think you deserve more, go elsewhere and get it. If they won’t give you a raise, maybe they suck as you say, or maybe the business isn’t profitable enough or maybe they don’t see you as the best fit either. And if you are not making work you are happy with, be your own client, create the work you want to be making, stop waiting for someone else to hand you your dream job. Sometimes you have to make/put out into the world the work you want to be making before you’re trusted and paid to do it. Stop blaming outside forces and instead create actionable plans of how to get what you want, and be ready to work for it. #sorrynofilterimages

😓😰😭😢Monday mornings 😭😢😰😓 but also honestly I cry at basically everything these days from diaper commercials to pet food commercials to cheesy tv shows like “ this is us “ lol. It feels great to cry no shame 💪🙌🔥 #sorryihavenofilterimages

💥💥 New work!! 💥💥 we created the naming, brand identity, copywriting, custom typeface, and interior bag patterns for BABOON, a new adventure company. See the full case study in the link in my bio!! 🌚💫🌍🚀 Made for the slash generation, @baboontothemoon wanted an identity that was irreverent, flexible, and full of weird surprises. In addition to the branding, we also helped suggest product design choices such as colors, and illustrated a set of unique BABOON branded patterns for the interiors of the luggage. Stay tuned as we'll release new pattern designs each season, you can follow them at @baboontothemoon 🚀🌍🌚💫 created with our team at S&W: @danielbrokstad @ryandhaskins @ercagrbmn @matteo_giuseppe_pani @chenyudesign 📸 photo team: @itsalrightwerealright @henry_hargreaves_photo @peppermade @haleycamille @francieluxe

🌈 sticker contest time 🌈 comment below for a chance to win some free stickers 💪💪💪 Also, super excited for the next big @ladieswinedesign event coming up in NYC, check my instagram in the next week or two as I’ll reveal who the hosts will be, and tell you how to grab a spot at this free event, it’s an amazing lineup! And we’ll have @debbiemillman hosting the panel again 😍✨🔥 I’m also wondering if there are any NYC based designers / producers who would ever want to help volunteer for LWD NYC (we’re not for profit, all events are free)- if interested please email with the title “LWD Volunteer - Your Name“ with a little info about you and why you’re interested. Wouldn’t be full time, at most a few hours a week!

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