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Jessica Walsh  🎨 Design, content & strategy for brand identities, campaigns, commercials, digital & more 💪🍷 @ladieswinedesign 💃 Travel: @theotherjessicawalsh

We found out today that @oscarthegrouchyfrenchie has cancer / a tumor on his spine 💔besides being completely heartbroken and a total weeping mess right now, and confused as he is only one and a half years old, I’m also frantically searching around for the best dog oncologists in nyc for a second opinion, as the vet center recommended to us doesn’t have the best reviews. Any tips from past experiences or recommendations, please let me know. Thank you.

🔥🔥 EXCITING NEWS 🔥🔥 we are having a free @ladieswinedesign event this Thursday at 6:30 at @the.wing in NYC with amazing guest hosts: Paula Scher from @pentagramdesign, @debbiemillman, @shantell_martin @irenepereyra, @perrindrumm, @shyamagolden, @merelymeeralee, @marlygallardo 😍 if you want to join, please tag some friends who might be interested in coming too! and email us at with your name & a bit about why you want to come and what campfire session you’d like to attend ❤️🔥thanks to all these amazing bad-ass women who are donating their time to support other women 💪🙏🙌 also: keeping this organization running and our events free is very expensive for us! If you like our events and are able to show your support buy some merch on to help us out ❤️❤️

What a fun shoot this week with @milly - also stay tuned later tonight on insta I’m going to be releasing info on a very special event we have planned for @ladieswinedesign this week - it will be first come first serve and free to attend so check back in a few hours for info on how to reserve a seat! We have an amazing lineup of badass ladies who will be guest hosting with me 🙌💫🤗

I love airports and traveling cause it’s acceptable to drink any time of day 🤣 just landed in Spain with @michelleunzipped @milly @arih74

Do you see what I see ? By #danielknorr

All I need are fries. They provide love and warmth inside at any time of the day or night. I happily eat them leftover for breakfast, at a fancy dinner, at the airport, they are always there for me. Are they the worlds best food 🤣?? Do you have a go-to food love ??

I love @elirezkallah and his work and there is a short doc about him and his work you must check out, click the link in his bio 😍 so inspiring 🔥🔥🔥go Eli 🔥🔥🔥

If you look closely inside the flower print we designed for the new @koreswim collaboration, you’ll find something special 🕷 Win a free suit from the collection, find out how on my last Instagram post!! #koreswimxsagmeisterandwalsh #sagmeisterwalsh

🔥🔥Free swimsuit contest !! 🔥🔥It was such a pleasure collaborating with the amazing ladies at @koreswim on this swimsuit line and now we’re giving away one of the suits to one lucky commenter! Follow @koreswim & Tag some friends below who might enjoy these suits along with your fav style from the collection and we’ll pick one commenter to send your fav suit #koreswimxsagmeisterandwalsh !! Shoutout to the team at S&W who helped make this happen 💫 @ryandhaskins @sarahhopp13 @fluxahedra @ercagrbmn 💫 #sagmeisterwalsh

Spent most the weekend working so starting off my Monday feeling burnt out 🤣 the only non-work related thing I saw did this weekend was see the new movie “Hereditary” which was really traumatizing I may never be the same again 😭😭😭 pin from

Happy Children’s Day. #jessicawalshhatesholidays

Two years ago I opened up about my past issues with depression, eating disorders, anxiety, and how I almost committed suicide when I was young ( you can read the story, step 4 & 5). This was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, but also liberating. I’ve since realized how common these issues are, and I started @letstalkaboutmentalhealth .
Over the last days with the devastating losses of #katespade & #anthonybourdain I see many people telling people with mental health issues to reach out, to come forward with their issues. However looking back, I’ve realized during the worst stages of depression reaching out would have been almost impossible. It took years of recovery to get to a place where I could reach out, where I felt comfortable telling my story and admitting my struggles. In the depths of depression or suicidal feelings reaching out is often not doable, depression mutes your ability to reach out. The only thing that saved me was someone who reached out to me and my family who got me proper treatment. I was lucky that my family had the money to pay treatment out of pocket back then because insurance didn’t cover it, without that I may not be alive.
We can’t always expect for people who are extremely ill to reach out. We should reach out to others and check in on those who are struggling and encourage them to get proper care. We need to be kind and empathetic to everyone because we never know what anyone else is going through. And more than anything we need to fight for an overhaul of our mental health institutions and how our government views mental health. We need to remove the stigma & make treatment accessible/affordable. In the USA right now, Trump & GOP is trying to destroy Obamacare and cut funding for mental health programs. Insurance tries not to cover mental illness as a pre-existing condition, and when they do it’s often not the right kind of care. High deductibles make access to therapy impossible for many. We need to fight & demand better. Companies need to treat mental illness days just like physical Illness. We need to elect people moving forward who will create change... #endthestigma #letstalkaboutmentalhealth

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