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Jessica Tan  Miss Universe Singapore 2007 SG - Upfront Models HK - Sun Esee Model Mgt Furkids - Moscow the Retriever & Mika the Shiba info.jessicatan@gmail.com

Some days just like today, I really miss my bikini-ready bod... #throwbackthursday

4 years ago I went to see this little newborn girl Jaevis, can’t believe that in a months time or so, I’ll be holding one of my own really soon!

Happy International Women’s Day!
Celebrating all women, mothers, and mothers-to-be out there.
Remember to thank and show appreciation to your Mum who created you in her body & wife, girlfriend or bestie for being the best woman in your life! Without them, life wouldn’t be the same. ————————————————————————
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Finding some inner peace n balance with a growing babe in my belly.
It’s getting harder to breathe, bend over, get out from bed/sofa as the bump grows exponentially bigger by the day. Starting the “pregnancy waddle” too! So, attaining this inner peace before the craziness starts is important. Just a few more weeks left to go, counting down.

Just finished my 33.5 week check up with my OBGYN Dr. Grace Cheung from Central Health Hong Kong (she’s fantastic BTW! I would totally recommend anyone giving birth in HK to go to her - she’s clear, concise, always happy to see her patients and humorous. Someone positive to be by your side during this 10 months of pregnancy). Baby Keia just had her very first Cardiotocography (CTG) scan to listen in to her heart beat and movements in my belly. It is not the norm to go thru this scan for pregnant mummies, but it was requested by Dr. Cheung as my dear girl is still underweight for her age and this is to ensure the baby’s active and growing well.
I can assure you, I’m not starving myself for fear of putting on weight. I am eating very normally and well as I didn’t get any morning sickness, indigestion, heartburn nor am I having food cravings. Which is why it’s a surprise to me that Keia isn’t as fat as she should be. She’s now 2kg and still about a week behind in her birth weight.

Dr. Cheung has once again reiterated that I MUST eat 5 meals a day that is high in fat and carbohydrates which is what I am doing, and feel like I’m putting on the weight not the baby! LOL. She emphasized that I must eat 2 more meals after dinner - once at 8pm and another at 10pm (her exact words: eat a slice of cake at 10pm! 😂 sounds really unhealthy I know!) As long as Keia is growing from my food binge, I’m happy to go through this eating boot-camp. So far, she’s moving well and growing so the doctor said she’s well, that being said, I’ve to go back for a weekly CTG scan now to check in on her well-being. Add oil Baby Keia! 快高長大,長得白白胖胖!


Watching your baby move around your belly at night can be pretty hypnotic.

Had one of the nicest afternoon tea experiences here at COBO House by 2am Dessert Bar with my bae yesterday. (Scroll right for food pics) Celebrating 初四 with tons of lovely creative delights and umami explosions, topping off with excellent service from the wait staff - seeing that I am pregnant the server immediately recommended a low caffeine tea for me without prompting.
Couldn’t really pick out our favorite item served but the sweet and salty popcorn lollipop is on our list, together with the hand-painted duck mantou (I usually hate the taste of duck, but I actually ate this!) Heard so much about Janice Wong and her creativity when it comes to desserts and I’ve always wanted the opportunity to try out her food. And I’m glad we managed to get a reservation as she didn’t disappoint!

I would definitely come back here to try out their lunch/dinner/desserts sets next time.


Dear Baby Keia, I hope you have been putting on weight ever since the doctor ordered me to eat at least 5 meals a day to fatten you up with rich, fatty & carbohydrate-filled foods. Mummy has been trying her best eating non-stop, and feeling overly full to help you grow up healthy and strong.
2018 & the year of the Dog belongs to you, my little puppy.
Please don’t be underweight anymore during our growth and well-being scan this coming Thursday. Mummy wants the best for you! 💕

💮祝大家新春快樂,事事順利,身體健康,步步高升,狗年旺旺!💮 #happychinesenewyear

I’m looking for my Valentine... I think he’s busy at work!
Single or attached, I hope everyone out there will have a sweet day today!

情人節快樂!💝 Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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