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NIGRI  Cosplayer, voice actress, youtuber, fuckin strange thing. My personal account is @navinigri ! #jessicanigri #cosplay #cosplayculture #nigri

Lil Ewok on the hunt! I WANT ANIME. I WANT SNACKS. What's your favorite snack time food? Mine is raw mushroom ravioli. Fuckin hell yeh. #starwars #ewok #starwarscosplay

Stole this from @wowsuchinstagram

I can't tell you how much I adore this wolf. Such a kind spirit, such a loving boy. @projectwildsong is an incredible mum and works so hard to keep her family happy❤ photo by @martinwongphoto costume by me! TELL ME YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT ANIMALS! I think mine is how they can just sense stuff about you or situations 🙏

KYLA, KYLIE? REN? Hahaha HEY!! Here it is without the helmet!! Hugely inspired by @shadbase_ig s and @aconsultingmind art! Huge thanks to @darshelle_stevens for shooting this and @beethyphotography for the edit!! I HOPE YOU LIKE IT

I really loved and wanted to recreate this art @shadbase_ig did! WHAT DO YOU THINK!
Photo by @darshelle_stevens edit by @beethyphotography !! My dream team!! #kylo #nigri #starwars


SITH made by me! Photo by @fakenerdboy edit @beethyphotography shot in Alaska! I desperately want to go back, that place is INSANELY AMAZING.

@harleyplays sent me a box of meat! I ate all of it before I took this photo lmao; CHECK IT OUT!! ITS PIZZA MEAT JERKY STUFF IN A BAG AND ITS SO GOOD

MY WEREWOLF! I used this wig for my Viking! I added so many wefts and dreads and braids to this wig it felt like a waste to use it for one shoot only!
Photo by @martinwongphoto
Costume by me! #hallewdween #nigri

Traveling to a location in any costume is one of the things I love the most about cosplay/costuming lately. Combining my love of nature shit and costumes JUST, ITS GREAT. ITS SO GOOD. Fuels my soul. ❤
My Viking! Shot by my boy @fakenerdboy edit @beethyphotography
Costume by me!

I miss my bbs. I LOVE YOU. YOU ARE GREAT. @darshelle_stevens @dollwithagun ❤😭 photo by @martinwongphoto

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