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Jessica Nigri  Cosplayer✂️Voice Actress🎙Gamer🎮YouTuber📹 Phoenix 🌵fuckin weirdo 🥓


One more then back to work on #animeexpo costumes!
Photo by @darshelle_stevens
Wig by Xia Cosplay and Props
Wings on the back idea from my sweet baby @arcanine_rawr
#overwatchcosplay #baywatchmercy #animeexpo2017 #jessicanigri #cosplay #overwatch #overwatchmemes #overwatchcosplay

💦✨Heroes NEVER DROWN! ✨💦 I threw together Baywatch Mercy! This was just something super quick and fun to test out my new wig! Awesome photo by @darshelle_stevens
Wig by Xia-Cosplay and Props!
#baywatchmercy #baywatchcosplay #overwatchcosplay #Overwatch #mercycosplay #animeexpo2017 #jessicanigri


Costume made by @maisedesigns !

A couple AXs ago, I can't wait for this year!!!

Inflatable James tiddys? HELL YEAH

James from Team Rocket ...?

I am not the best, I do not represent ALL cosplay.

I think maybe I represent the fun more casual side of cosplay. The "do it however you like!" side. I KNOW I am not the best, my dudes. I know I am average as fuck my dudes. I don't ever want anyone to think I am sitting here thinking that I AM AMAZINNNG. I am pretty god damned average hahah.

I wake up with insecurities and doubts in my mind about what I am doing every single day. But do you know what makes it all worth it?
How much fun this shit is. You guys. The friends. The experiences.
It's so fun. (If you haven't cosplayed yet WHY HAVEN'T YOU ITS AMAZING)

Life can be so so awful, but to have this creative escape... to be able to be someone else for just a little bit.. to...not be me for a while... feels amazing.
I love cosplay. I love making costumes. I love what I do.
But please know... I am so mediocre, hahaha.
There are so many amazingly talented humans out there who just continuously knock my socks off with what they can make.
It's so genuinely incredible. I watch in awe at their expansive creativity and hope one day I can be like THEM.

I don't know how I got here. I don't know what I am doing.

But ...isn't that just... life in general?

idk. I love you guys. I have no clue what I am doing but I am going to keep doing it.
Thank you for being so awesome to me.
I owe everything I am to you.
Absolutely everything.
Thanks for believing in me.
Nigri <3

Super excited to announce that FANEXPO FINALLY LANDS ON A DATE I CAN ATTEND AGAIN!! CANADIAAANNNSS IMMA COMIN BACK TO YOU!!' I fucking love Toronto man, holy crap 🙌❤WHO AM I GOING TO SEE?!

Working hard on two new costumes for Anime Expo! I HOPE I CAN FINISH!!! One is a huge build and the other is a genderbend 🙌❤ #overwatchcosplay #Overwatch #roadhog


Austin Texas has some really gorgeous places to visit if you guys haven't been! I can't wait for RTX this year man❤🙌

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