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Jessica Taylor 

On the way to church she turned on the radio and American Top 40 w Casey Kasem was on. From 1988. Push It by Salt n Pepa was #24. I told her listening to that on Sunday’s was one of my favorite things. And that’s when I made all my mixtapes. She didn’t understand how hard it was to have all your favorite songs in one place. Mixtapes were the original Playlists! Gosh, things are SO much easier now.🤗

This one is not afraid to speak her mind or tell you what she wants to do or NOT to do. She makes a playlist of 6 songs and plays it non stop for weeks in the car until you want to pull your hair out. She is not afraid to stand up for herself or others. She brings hope and joy every day just like I was promised before she was born. Happy 13 to my sweet Hope Anna Joy, you are loved beyond words.❤️

And then there were three. it’s taken me a whole week to be able to speak about it.😐🤷🏼‍♀️😶
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First trip to IKEA w these two loons.

Merry Christmas from me and this mountain man.🎄

'Nobody's walking out on this good, old fashioned family Christmas' -Clark Griswald

merry merry.🎄

It's not Christmas if the dogs arent super stressed.😬🐶🐶

Girls night. And it's Amber Deans first time at the movies!😃🙌🏻

Oh, hey 43. Birthday selfie...bc it's what you do when you're proud of your age and all the wonderful family and friends who are like family in your life. You all have made this day full of wonderful things and lots of love.🤗😘😊

Today. I've been searching for this plant for almost a year. 👏🏻 #plantlady #succulents