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Jessica Salvaggio Lucero  59kg Team USA weightlifting

"Anybody can feel good when they have their health, their bills are paid they have happy relationships.
Anybody can be positive then. Anybody can have a larger vision then.
Anybody can have faith under those types of circumstances. -
The real challenge of growth mentally emotionally and spiritually come when you get knocked down. -
It takes courage to act. Part of being hungry when you've been defeated•it takes courage to start over again• 📸

You are enough. You are worthy.

I haven’t posted one of these in awhile but.. I still do bar drills for technique once a week. A lot of times it is my favorite day because I can slow down & fix the little details that need adjustments with focus only on that. 💛 @academyofweightlifting @powermonkeyfitness | buena technica niña -dr. Chavez, 10x Pan Am champ (Cuba)

@xwerks @xwerks @xwerks | attention is in the details. What I put in my body matters! IGNITE is a pre-workout with •calcium • b6 •b12
•magnesium and more >>🔥light me up with the blue razz please 💦 @richwellcorrea

Working with a couples snatches doubles at 85 |>> a lot goes on behind the scenes in weightlifting & not all of us share every detail. We have a lot of competitions in the next few months and we have to pick them wisely. Recovery & timing are super important at this level. What’s next? Im honored and proud to say Pan Am Games! @usa_weightlifting @academyofweightlifting

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Long post BUT please read as we need your help!!!
BrainRobotics is developing the world’s most affordable AI-powered prosthetic hand! Our award winning EMG -controlled prosthetic hand mimics the functionality of a human hand with groundbreaking precision. Multi-channel EMG sensors, combined with cutting edge deep learning techniques, enable us to process high resolution muscle signals. This gives users intuitive control over commonly used grips as well as CUSTOM hand motions.
We are now looking for volunteers who are in the Boston or NYC area who would like to experience our prosthetic and provide us with its feedback. To be considered your residual limb is below the elbow and you can be missing either the left or right hand. We will be selecting 2-4 final candidates to try our prosthetic and Veterans are preferred. Please either DM us here or on Facebook or please email us at with the subject line Prosthetic Candidate
Thank you
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Smell blood in the water ‘round here...

My Weightlifting career is VERY selfish. As many “sacrifices” I feel I have to give this guy has to give double. They say it takes a village And it’s 1,000% true but for me he’s an irreplaceable driver & motivator to my goals. Thank you @christianvluc > it’s not over till it’s over 😏 #allin

When I first started weightlifting there was very little to no support neither financially nor fans. Its not to blame USAW at all they did the best they could. However, today there is so much support and fans that it adds another skill to the game: learning how to balance it all. I want to take a moment to thank usaw, all my sponsors, all my coaches, friends family fans, haters and everyone who loves the sport as much as we do. Thank you. I’m honored to be part of the growth of the sport in the USA & excited for the future. 🇺🇸🥉🥰 #alllove #findthepositives #dreamteam #TeamUSA
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90 & 94 snatches from Pan Am Championship Wednesday. I ended up bronze in snatch, clean and jerk & total. 🇺🇸 🥉 #TeamUSA @academyofweightlifting @usa_weightlifting

During a weight cut I typically back off on water for the few days leading up to the competition. With that dehydration my lips feel dry and cracked. Thankfully, @athiaskin has my back with their lip hydration product ~ use code Lucero15 for all skin products 💋

Always growing.
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With Jessica (@jessicalucero9) training for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for weightlifting and Christian (@christianvluc) continuing his career as an elite-level CrossFit competitor — they are the definition of Power Couple.
How do two people dedicated to being the best in the world at their sport and the best in their relationship find balance? It seems this #dreamteam has it down to a science. 🙌
Click the link in our bio to follow the couple through a day in the life — covering morning rituals, nutrition, training and how they nurture a successful relationship that’s rich in communication and support. 😍
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